Single Sign-On (SSO)

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Single Sign-On (SSO) allows you to use one set of credentials to securely log in to various applications or websites. SSO can be a great way to ensure your employees are using secured login credentials to access their Humi account by requiring them to log in through your chosen provider.

How to Enable Single Sign-On (SSO)

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By default, SSO is not turned on in Humi. If you want to remove the ability for employees to change email addresses and enforce that they use SSO when signing in to Humi, you can do so in Settings.

  1. In Settings, head to the Sign-In tab
  2. Click the toggle on the right-hand side to enable SSO
  3. Employees will now be required to sign in with either a Google/Google Workspace, Microsoft/Azure, or Okta account.


What Happens Once SSO is Enabled?

  1. Once SSO has been turned on, all users will have to log in to Humi using your SSO Provider
  2. Users will no longer be able to log in to Humi using an email & password


Does SSO Apply to the Mobile App?

Yes. Once SSO has been enabled, all users will have to select your SSO provider to log in to the Humi Mobile App.


That's it! If you ever want to remove SSO, simply come back to this page and toggle off SSO enforcement. 



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