Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA / 2FA)

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It's more important than ever to ensure your company's security in online spaces. Humi helps make this easy by offering a simple switch to enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Once turned on, employees will need to pass through an additional verification step (one-time passcode) when logging into Humi.

How to Turn On Multi-Factor Authentication

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  1. In Settings, head to the Sign-In tab
  2. Scroll down to Multi-Factor Authentication
  3. Click the Toggle so it shows the colour green
  4. Select the Roles you’d like to enforce MFA for
    • You can select as many or as few as you’d like
    • Any roles that aren’t selected will be able to log in to Humi without the use of MFA
  5. If you ever need to turn off Multi-Factor Authentication, simply return to this page and disable the toggle so it shows the colour grey


How to Log In with Multi-Factor Authentication

There are three ways that a user can log in using MFA:

  1. Authenticator App (Preferred)
    This is the preferred method as it’s often considered the most secure.

    1. Using an authenticator app on their mobile device, users can scan the QR Code during login to generate a one-time passcode.

    2. Once Humi has been added to their verification app, they'll need to enter a one-time passcode from their authenticator app each time they sign in to Humi.

  2. Email Confirmation
    Alternatively, users can send a one-time passcode to themselves via email.

  3. Text Confirmation
    Lastly, users can send a one-time passcode to themselves via text message.


Does Multi-Factor Authentication Apply to the Mobile App?

Yes. If a user has any role where MFA has been enabled/enforced, they will need to go through the additional verification step when logging into the Humi Mobile App.


Curious about Single Sign-On (SSO)?

If you want to up your security even further, you can enable SSO to ensure users are accessing their Humi accounts through your chosen provider: Microsoft/Microsoft Azure AD, Google/Google Workspace or Okta.

Click here to learn more.

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