Enrolling your employees

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To make sure your team always feels cared for, it's important to get them all set up with their benefits plan without any delays.

Some of our carriers make it easy with a digital enrolment feature. You just pop in some basic info, and an enrolment email gets sent to the employee. Some other carriers might need a PDF enrolment form to be filled out instead.

💡 The 31-Day Rule

All employees need to be enrolled within 31 days from their effective date. If not, they might end up marked as a late applicant.

Curious about what happens if the 31-day mark gets missed? Find out more here. 

Effective date for coverage

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The effective date for insurance coverage depends on whether the waiting period is waived or applied:

  1. Waiting period is waived
    If the waiting period is waived for a new hire, their effective date for insurance coverage would be their hire date. They must be enrolled within 31 days from that date.

    For example, let's say a new teammate starts on January 1 and their waiting period is waived. This means their effective date would be January 1, and you have 31 days from January 1 to get them all set up.

  2. Waiting period is applied

    After the waiting period, your insurance coverage starts the next day. You then have 31 days to from that date to enrol them.

    For example, your plan has a three-month waiting period and a new employee started on January 1. Their effective date would be April 1, and you have 31 days from April 1 to enrol them.


Best Practices

We recommend making benefits enrolment a part of the onboarding process for each new team member. Even if you're applying the waiting period, go ahead and enrol them so they'll show up on the carrier's portal. Their coverage will automatically kick in once their effective date rolls around.

This simple step can help make the onboarding journey smoother, removing the need for pesky reminders once the waiting period is done. Plus, it lowers the chances of accidentally skipping an enrolment and having to handle a late applicant situation.


Benefits Plus


Great news! If you're using Benefits Plus, Humi handles all enrolments for you. The enrolment process happens like magic - it's automatic once a new team member is onboarded onto Humi, or when you assign an existing team member to the benefits module.

Curious to know more about the perks of adding Benefits Plus? Our friendly Benefits Support team would love to chat with you. Reach out anytime!

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