Add Employees to the Benefits Module

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Congratulations on completing the initial setup by configuring the benefits module! Now, let's take the next step: adding employees to the Benefits plan so they can effortlessly review the comprehensive details of their benefits package.

How to Add Employees to the Benefits Module

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  1. In the Benefits module, click on the Employee tab.
  2. Click the + Add Employees button and on the next page, click the Select Employees button.
  3. In the pop-up, click on the employees you want to add to the Benefits module. If you'd like to select all, click on Select Page.
    Please note:
     If there are more than 25 employees, you'll need to use the scroll arrows (< >)to move to the next page and hit Select Page again until all employees have been added to the Selected column.
  4. Once all the employees you want have been selected, click the Select button.
  5. Click the Add to Plan button.

Now when you click on the Employee tab, you'll see all the employees who’ve been added to the Benefits module.

Employees must still enroll in their Benefits Plan

The Benefits module is designed to present your benefits coverage in a clear and user-friendly format. However, it's important to note that merely adding employees to the Benefits module doesn't automatically enroll them in your benefits plan. They'll still need to go through the enrollment process with your benefits provider.

If you have Benefits Plus, the enrollment process is taken care of for you. Curious to learn more about Benefits Plus and how it can streamline your benefits management? Learn more here.

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