How to Import New Employees from a Third-Party Software (In Beta)

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If you’re looking for a quick way to bring your existing employee data over to Humi, this is the article for you! Our import tool allows you to perform a one-time transfer of your employee HR data from various other software, directly into Humi. Keep reading to learn how.

How to Import Data from Another Software

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  1. To get started, head to Company and click on the Import Employees button in the top-right corner.

  2. Select From Software from the dropdown.

  3. Find the software you’d like to import your data from.

    How to connect to new software for import

    If this is the first time you’re transferring data to Humi from this software, you’ll need to connect your account to the third-party platform. You’ll need login credentials for the platform of choice.

    Click the Connect button to get started and then follow the prompts on the screen.

  4. Once you’re connected, click the Import button on the software you’d like to use.

  5. Humi will populate a list of the employee data that will be imported for your review.

    If any employees have existing accounts in Humi, their information will be greyed out and excluded from the data transfer.
  6. When you’re ready, click the Import Employees button to transfer your data into Humi.

  7. Humi will then show a list of all the employees that have been imported.

  8. That’s it—easy peasy!

Employee Data Is Not Synced

It’s important to note that employee data is not synced across software. Thankfully, the import tool is available to help you bring new employee data into Humi whenever you need to.


What Employee Data Can I Import from Another Software?

The employee data importer will allow you to transfer over any relevant HR Details into Humi. This includes data that falls into the following categories:

  • Legal First Name
  • Legal Last Name
  • Email
  • Position
  • Department
  • Start Date

Three additional categories will be automatically filled in by Humi during import. Any adjustments for individual employees will need to be made manually after the import is complete.

Import Data is set to default for:

  • Role in Humi: This will be set to Employee for everyone
  • Employment Type: This will be set to Full Time for everyone
  • Office Name: This will be set to the Head Office currently selected for your company.

Payroll Data is not currently available

This tool does not currently include import for payroll data, such as compensation or stock options.


I Noticed An Error in the Data. How Do I Fix It?

If you see something that needs to be adjusted, you have two options:

  1. Recommended: Make any necessary changes before transferring the data into Humi.

  2. Alternative: Import the data as is and then update the information in Humi after it’s been imported.


How does Humi Keep my Data Safe Across Software?

Great question! Don’t worry—your data is safe with us.

Once you connect to one of our listed import software, we will store the connection details so that you can import the data again in the future. To help keep your data secure, Humi doesn’t store your login credentials to any import software.


Can I Bulk Update Employee Data After Import?

Yes! Our Employee Importer Tool allows you to download, adjust, and re-upload employee data in bulk via CSV. If you have Humi Payroll, this is a streamlined way to add things like compensation & stock options for your new employees.

To learn how to use this feature, check out this article.

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