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If you’re enrolled in a Simply Benefits plan, you’re in luck! Humi’s integration offers a seamless one-click login so you can skip to the good stuff, like accessing your coverage details and processing claims, all without ever leaving Humi!

Have a look through the guide below to learn how to access and update the information in your Simply Benefits portal.


How do I access my Simply Benefits Portal?

  1. To access your employee benefits portal, log in to and ensure you have the employee role selected.
  2. Click Benefits in the menu on the left-hand side.
  3. Humi will automatically open a new tab with your Simply Benefits account, all ready to go!


How do I update my Simply Benefits coverage details, like my name or address?

When big life changes occur, there are a million and one places you’ll likely need to update your information. Thankfully, Humi automatically syncs certain changes in your employee profile with Simply Benefits allowing you to make minor updates to your information with just a few clicks!

Synced with Simply Benefits Requires Admin Approval

The following changes can be made right in Humi!

To get started, log in to and head to your Profile. When you edit any of the following fields, Simply Benefits will also be updated with the same information.

  • Legal First Name
  • Legal Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Legal Sex
  • Address

Important Note

The information listed above must be accurate and concurrent with your legally listed information. If you're unsure about whether a change is needed, please reach out to your benefits admin.

Need to change something else?

If you don’t see the change you’d like to make listed above, please reach out to your benefits manager for assistance.


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