How to View your Employee Profile in the App

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Having easy access to your employment information can help make life simpler. Whether you need to check your hire date or update your emergency contacts, Humi Mobile keeps everything at your fingertips.

This article will go over everything you can see and do in your Profile on the app.



How do I access my Profile?

  1. To get started, open Humi Mobile and log in

    You’ll want to log in using the same method that you use to access the desktop version of Humi. For instance, if your company uses Single Sign-On (SSO), you can use that here too.

  2. Once you’ve logged in, tap the hamburger in the top left to open the navigation menu

  3. Tap Profile

Revealing Hidden Information

Humi always keeps your privacy in mind. That's why we've hidden certain fields in the app so they only show when you want them to. To reveal hidden information simply tap on the blurred line, then tap again to hide it.


What’s in the Personal tab?

The Personal tab contains four sections with all the personal information that your employer may need to know about you. Have a look through the tabs below to learn about each section.

Basic Info Personal Info Address Emergency Contacts

The fields in the Basic Information section reflect how you identify yourself. Your responses will appear on your employee profile and be visible to everyone in the company.

  1. Tap Edit to add or update the following information:
    • First and last name
    • Your gender
    • Your pronouns
    • Your work phone number
  2. Once you've made the changes, tap Save.


What’s in the Job & Pay tab?

The Job & Pay tab contains three sections about your employment, banking information, and compensation. These fields can’t be edited in the app. Have a look through the tabs below to learn about each section.

Employment Information Bank Account Compensation Details

The first section is Employment Information, which contains basic details about you as an employee. The information in these fields is essential because much of it will directly impact certain features in Humi.

The fields visible in the app are:

  • Date Hired
  • Reports to
  • Department
  • Position
  • Office Location
  • Employment Type
  • Stock Options
  • Any Additional Terms your Humi admin added - this will vary for each company.


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