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With Humi Mobile, you can easily request time off from anywhere and keep track of your time off balances! This article will go over how to view and request time off in the app.

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How to Request Time Off in the app

  1. To get started, open Humi Mobile and log in

    You’ll want to log in using the same method that you use to access the desktop version of Humi. For instance, if your company uses Single Sign-On (SSO) you can use that here too.

  2. Once you’ve logged in, tap the hamburger in the top left to open the navigation menu

  3. Tap Time Off

  4. Tap Request Time Off at the bottom of the screen

  5. Select the dates you would like to request off

  6. Select the type of Time Off you are requesting (eg. Vacation, Sick Day, Personal Day, etc.)

  7. If needed, you can adjust the amount for each day by tapping Adjust Daily Amounts

    This can be helpful if you need to take less than a full day off, such as a half day.

  8. Be sure to add a description so your manager will know what the time off is for

  9. When you’re happy with your request, tap next

  10. You’ll be given a chance to review a few things:

    • How much available time off your request will use up
    • What your available balance will be after the fact
    • Any overlapping Time Off that’s been approved for others in your company
  11. When you’re ready, tap Request


Managing Time Off in the app

The Time Off module has three tabs that each offer unique insights into your Time Off balances. Have a look through the tabs below to learn about each one.

Summary Yearly Usage Requests

The Summary tab shows you all of the types of Time Off you have available, along with the balance remaining on each one. To view the details about specific balance, tap on the desired type of Time Off and a new page will open with more information. You can view the following fields in the app:

Field Name Description
Future Time Scheduled How much upcoming time off you have scheduled
Time Taken in the current year How much time off you’ve already taken this year
Accruals Occur How often you accrue this type of time off (ie. Weekly, Monthly, etc.)
Accrue How much upcoming time off you have scheduled
Capped at Indicates how much of this balance can be carried forward to the next accrual year
Time Expiring If your time off policy allows for any carryover from the previous accrual, this shows how long you have to use that remaining amount before it expires
Negative Balance This shows how much of this type of time off you can borrow from the following accrual year
Seniority Increase If the time off you’re viewing has an applicable seniority increase, you can see those details here


Depending on the way your admin has set up Time Off in Humi, some of these fields may or may not show for you.


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