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Recruiting is a massive task with many moving parts. Sometimes, finding the right person can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. Without access to recruiting metrics to guide your decisions, it can be challenging to determine the effectiveness of your recruiting strategies.

We created the "Time to Fill/Hire" reporting and job posting metrics to help recruiters understand whether their current strategies are working and whether they should pivot or stick with their current recruiting plan.


Time to Hire: Measures the number of days between when an applicant applies for the job posting and when they sign their offer.

Time to Fill: Measures the number of days between the creation of the job posting and when the applicant signed the offer.

This article will explain:

Time to Fill/Hire reporting

To generate this report, Humi requires data from the applicant profile. As a result, the reporting information can only be generated if you complete these two actions in Humi:

      1. Send an offer letter
      2. "Hire" the applicant from "Recruiting" or the "offer letters" tab (People > Offer letters)


Unfortunately, if you don't complete both of these steps, Humi won't have access to the data needed to populate this information. 

Humi will display this information in two areas: 

  • On the "hired" applicant profile
  • A "Time to Fill/Hire" report in the "Reporting" module. This report compiles metrics from all job postings.

Additionally, when you send an offer and hire an applicant from "Recruiting," or from the "offers" tab (People > Offers), the offer accepted date, time to hire, and time to fill information will be displayed in the "Hiring Details" section of the applicant's profile.


Job posting-specific report

We've added a new tab called "Reports" on the job posting page. This tab is where you'll find ongoing metrics about the job posting.


This tab will only be accessible by admins and anyone with "Recruiting access" – regular hiring team members will not be able to see this tab. 

In the "Job Overview" section, you'll see the date you created the job posting, the number of applicants and the job posting age.

In the "Current Funnel Status" section, each bar represents the job funnel stages of this job posting. It displays the number of " active " applicants in green and "archived" in pink.


Recruiting > Job Posting > Reports tab

1. In "Recruiting," scroll or use the search bar to find the job posting needed and click on it.

2. On the job posting page, click on the "Reports" tab.


3. You'll see the "Job Overview" and "Current Funnel Status" information here. 


Export the data

You can export this report by clicking the "Export" dropdown in the top right corner and selecting the format you prefer, either as a ".csv" file or a ".xlxs" file.

"Time to Fill/Hire" report in the "Reporting" module

In the "Reporting" module, you'll see a new report called "Time to Fill/Hire," as shown below. 


Click on the report to view the recruiting metrics of all your job postings. 

Some columns included in this report are: 

  • Job created date
  • Applied date
  • Offer accepted date
  • Time to Fill*
  • Time to Hire*
  • Job title  

*These columns will be blank if an offer letter hasn't been accepted within Humi and the applicant has not been hired from their applicant profile or the offers tab (People > Offers).

Export the data

You can export this report by clicking the "Export" dropdown in the top right corner and selecting the format you prefer, either as a ".csv" file or a ".xlxs" file.

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