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Knowing where applicants applied for your job postings can help recruiters focus their efforts, save money by investing in the best sources, and ultimately maximize their return on investment (ROI).

You can view the application source for a specific person on their applicant profile or for all applicants on the job postings "Reports" tab.

Application source on the applicant profile

If you want to know a job applicant's application date and application source, you can find this information on their applicant profile.

1. In "Recruiting," click on the job posting. 

2. Use the search bar to find the applicant required, then click on their name. Humi will direct you to their applicant profile. 

3. On the right side in the "Application Information" section, you'll see their application date and source. 


Application Source Report

The application source report will display all sources, the number of applicants from each source, and the percentage for each source. You can use this report to see which sources are the most effective and use this information to make more strategic recruiting plans. 

  1. In "Recruiting," click on the job posting and the "Reports" tab. Screen_Shot_2022-06-13_at_3.06.11_PM.png
  2. Scroll down to the "Source Reporting" section. source-report.gif

Humi will enter the top-level domain as the application source. For example, if someone shares the job posting link on LinkedIn, it will direct the applicant to the Humi job board to apply. However, the source will still be displayed as "LinkedIn" and not "Humi Job Board" on the source report. 

If an admin manually added an applicant to the job posting, the source would be "Manual Entry." 

Unknown Sources

There are some instances where Humi cannot identify the application source information; in this scenario, the source will be displayed as "Unknown." 

Top two reasons to see "Unknown" source: 

  1. Before this feature was launched, Humi was not tracking the application source for your applicants. Applications prior to this feature launch in June 2022 will be labelled as "Unknown." 
  2. After this feature is launched, there can be a wide variety of reasons for an unknown source for new applicants. Most times, this is due to restrictions with browser settings or privacy firewalls.

Our goal with source reporting is to empower recruiters to make better decisions and provide you with metrics that you can use to measure your success. 

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