Recurring amounts guide - How to set up, edit or remove

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If you have employees with recurring expenses that are paid each pay period – such as car allowances, cell phones allowances, gym reimbursements, etc. – we highly recommend setting up a "recurring amount" to make payroll easier.

This feature can help you save a lot of time so that you can get back to what's important – taking care of your people.

When you set up a "recurring amount" for an employee, it'll automatically be added each pay period so you won't have to enter it manually anymore. 

In this guide we'll explain:

How to set up a "recurring amount"


1. In "Payroll," click on "Income Types."

2. Click on the "Income Type" that is paid each pay period.


Important Note

If you have a "recurring amount" but haven't set up the "Income Type" for it yet, you'll need to do that first. Learn how to add a new "Income Type."

3. Find the employee that has the recurring amount, click the three dots on the right side and select "Add amount."


4. In this pop-up, add the "recurring amount" and click "Save."


You'll now see that the "recurring amount" has been added to the employee under the "Amount per period" column. 


Going forward, when you process payroll this "recurring amount" will automatically be populated under "Extra Pay > Other"


How to edit or remove an employee's "recurring amount" 

If the "recurring amount" for an employee has changed, you can quickly edit it in a few clicks.  

1. In "Payroll" click on "Income Types"

2. Click on the "Income Type" you created for the "recurring amount."

3. Find the employee who needs their "recurring amount" adjusted.

4. Click the three dots to the right and select "Edit" from the dropdown. 

Remove the "recurring amount"

If you need to remove the "recurring amount" for an employee, follow steps 1-3 and select "Remove" from the dropdown instead.


5. Enter the new "recurring amount" here and click "Save."


The "recurring amount" has been now been adjusted to the new amount you entered.

How to adjust a "recurring amount" in Payroll

If you need to do a one-time adjustment for a "recurring amount," you can do this while you're processing payroll for that pay period.


1. In the "Edit Payroll" page, find the employee you need by using the search box or scrolling down.

2. Under the "Extra Pay" column, in the "Other" field, you'll see the recurring amount already filled in. Click on it and this will pop-up:other-income.png

3. Enter the new one-time amount for this period here and click "Save."

The amount has now been adjusted for that pay period and you can continue to run payroll.

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