Payroll records guide - Payrolls, Tax forms, ROE, Onboarding YTDs

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If you ever need to check something from a previous payroll, review an issued T4 or an ROE, or see the year-to-date (YTD) details you uploaded – we've made it easy to find all of this information in the "Payroll – Records" tab.

In "Payroll," click on the "Records" tab and then select the record you need from the dropdown options. 


In this guide, we'll briefly explain each of these payroll records so you can better understand the information within these payroll records.  


On the "Payrolls" page, you'll find historical records of all payrolls you've processed through Humi, including both regular and off-cycle payrolls.

Since these payrolls have already been processed, you can only view them and no longer be modified.

If you notice an error in one of the payrolls, be sure to get in touch with immediately.

You can learn more about recurring and off-cycle payrolls here.

Tax Forms

Any employer paying its employees throughout the tax year is legally responsible for preparing and issuing T4s to their employees at the end of the tax year.

Luckily, Humi Payroll streamlines this process for you by automatically preparing the "T4, T619, and T4 Summary" records once the last payroll of the year has been processed.

You can find these records on the "Tax Forms" page. 

Important note

Humi does not submit any of these tax forms on your behalf.

Every employer is responsible for downloading the tax documents from Humi Payroll and filing them through the CRA website. 

You can learn more about tax forms here.

Record of Employment (ROE)

ROEs are mandatory forms that employers need to complete when an interruption of insurable earnings occurs for an employee and must be issued within five calendar days.

If you want to see the ROE created for any employee, you can find it on this "Records" page.

Important note

ROEs listed here are not finalized copies. 

You can learn more about ROEs here.

Year-to-dates (YTDs)

This is where you'll find the historical YTD earnings and deduction amounts for all employees before onboarding with Humi.

If you switched to Humi in the middle of a tax year, you were required to import this information during your initial payroll implementation before processing your first using Humi.

Once the first payroll has been processed, the YTD records become "view-only." This is because they'll affect the YTD figures in subsequent payrolls. 

Humi combines the YTD information you uploaded with the payroll information from all subsequent payrolls processed through Humi to provide accurate T4's at the end of the year. 


Learn more about Onboarding YTDs here.

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