How to add Income Types and Allowances

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Recognition is one of the best ways to retain top talent and lets your employees know that they're valued. For employees who consistently go above and beyond, bonuses are just one of the many ways you can recognize their efforts so they'll see just how valued they are to your company. 

If you ever need to pay your employees above their regular earnings, for example, vacation, retroactive pay, car allowances, etc., we've made it simple to do this by adding "Income Types" to your payroll.

After you've added the income type to your payroll, it will be displayed when you click the "+ Other Income" field. Screen_Shot_2022-05-10_at_3.16.39_PM.png

This article will explain:

Income types

Humi provides several income types that you can add to your payroll. "Vacation Payout, Holiday Pay, Cell Phone Allowance" are just a few examples of the income types you can add to your payroll if needed. Learn about the income types Humi provides here.

If the income type you need isn't provided by Humi, you can request a custom income type.

Income types based on the regular hourly rate

If you have hourly employees, we strongly advise you to add the income types based on the regular hourly rate to your payroll so that these hours are correctly generated on their ROEs. Learn more about these income types here.


How to add an "Income Type"

There are two ways to add an income type: 

  • Option 1 - Select an income type provided by Humi 
  • Option 2 - Request a custom "Income Type" (this should only be used if the income type you need isn't available in the dropdown menu).

Option 1 – Select an income type provided by Humi

To add an income type provided by Humi, follow the instructions below:


1. In "Payroll," click on the "Income Types" tab.

2. Next, click the "+ Income Type" button on the top right corner.income-type-add.png

3. Select the income type you require from the available options in the dropdown provided by Humi. If none of these options are what you need, you can request a "Custom Income Type," which we'll explain in the next section. 

4. After selecting the income type you need, click "Save."

You'll now see the income type you selected on the "Income Types" list.


Repeat the steps above until you've added all the income types required. 

Now when you run payroll, you can see the new Income Types by clicking "+ Other Income" from the "Extra Pay" column. "Insurable hours" income types, will be displayed at the top and all other income types will be below in the "Income types with a dollar amount" section.

Option 2 – Request a "Custom Income Type"

If you need an "Income Type" that's unique to your company and not on the list provided by Humi, you can submit a request for a "Custom Income Type."


Once you submit your request, the typical turnaround time is within 24 hours of the request.

1. In "Payroll," click on the "Income Types" tab.

2. Click the "+ Income Type" button on the top right corner.

3. In the "Select income type" pop-up, click the green "Request Income Type" link on the top right corner.


4. Fill out the "Request custom income type" form and click "Save."request-income.png

Once the income type has been set up (typically within 24 hours), you'll see it available under "Extra Pay" when you click the "+ Other" when you run a recurring or off-cycle payroll.

Edit or remove an "Income Type"

If you need to edit or remove any of the additional or custom "Income Types," learn how in this article.

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