Payroll Overview

Payday - everyone's favourite day, isn't it? 

One of the biggest issues when it comes to disgruntled employees is payroll errors so we know we need to get it right, every time. There's nothing else that can turn even your best employee sour than getting paid incorrectly!

Sometimes, processing payroll can induce anxiety but with Humi, it’s a breeze. 

Payroll Module

When you click on the Payroll module from the left menu, you'll see five sections (tabs):


Run Payroll
This is where you'll see a list of your currently active payrolls. From here, you can click into the payroll to edit, review and process the payment or "Run Payroll" for the payroll period.

This is where you'll find payroll records such as historical payrolls, tax formsROEs, and YTD information that was imported during your Humi onboarding.

Benefits and Deductions

Manage the benefits and deductions that you offer your employees.

Income Types
Manage additional income types that you may offer to your employees.
Some examples of income types you can add are: Vacation Payout, Holiday Pay, and Cell Phone Allowance.
Manage company settings such as paystub notification emails and wage subsidy eligibility status.

Types of Payrolls

There are two types of Payrolls available in Humi: Recurring and Off-Cycle payrolls.

Recurring payrolls are what most people think of when they think of payroll. For example, if you're paid biweekly, your recurring payroll would be set to a "biweekly" frequency. 

When you joined Humi, this scheduled payroll frequency was set up for you. At the start of each payroll period, you'll see these recurring payrolls are automatically prepared for you to go in and edit, and process your payroll.

Off-Cycle payrolls are one-time payrolls that don't follow any particular schedules. You can think of them as an option for when you need to make a payment to an employee that's outside of a regular recurring payroll.

Off-cycle payrolls are most frequently used to pay terminated employees, or for any time you need to pay an employee outside of the regular recurring payroll schedule.

How to run Payroll in Humi

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