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In the Adding Documents Overview, we mentioned that there are three types of documents you can upload in Humi. The dropdowns below will go through each document type in more detail and provide instances of when each should be used.


Offer Letter Templates


Offer Letter Templates allow you to create templates that you can use multiple times to quickly generate offer letters for your various job postings. You can use an offer letter template to save time instead of creating a new offer letter from scratch each time you hire a new applicant.

Formatting your offer letter documents and setting them up using the template editor takes a bit of time, but it pays off! To help you get started, check out this step-by-step guide on setting up your offer letter templates

Signing Templates


For documents requiring one or more signatures, you can use a Signing Template to gather all signatures directly in Humi. These signatures are legally binding.

Examples of Signing Documents:

  • Non-disclosure agreement
  • TD 1 Form
  • Employee Agreement

When creating your signing documents, leave blank spaces in the fields where signatures are required. That way, when you upload it into Humi, you'll have the space available to drag and drop "signature fields" onto your document. 

If the document requires multiple signatures, you can select up to three cosigners per signing template.

When the template is complete, you can assign it to the employee(s) to review and sign

  Learn how to set up a signing template here. 
View Only Documents


View-Only Documents can only be viewed by employees and, if assigned, requires them to acknowledge the document after reviewing it.

Examples of View-Only Documents:

  • Employee Handbooks

  • Company’s Policies & Procedures


Typically, companies use view-only documents for workplace health and safety policies, training guides, or any other general documents that require employees to acknowledge that they've read and understood the information but don't require a signature. 

Employee-Specific Documents

If you have Employee-Specific Documents, you can upload them directly to the employee's profile. This allows you to keep all the important information about each employee in one easy place.

Accepted File Format

Currently, Humi doesn't allow you to create a document from scratch. Instead, all documents must be uploaded in PDF, JPEG, GIF or PNG format.


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