Step 2: Create and send a new survey

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Surveys are incredibly effective tools for gathering critical information from your employees.

Personal surveys allow you to get to know your employees better. In contrast, business-oriented company-focused surveys will enable you to see how satisfied your employees are at work and gather information on how to improve.

You can also create anonymous surveys, enabling employees to provide honest feedback without fear or judgment. You can then use this data to make workplace changes that result in happier, more productive employees.

Designed for Admins

Surveys offer admins a streamlined way to collect data from employees. By default, management of this module is accessible to admins and custom roles who are assigned survey permissions.

How to create a survey

In "Surveys," click the "+ Create Survey" button in the top right corner.



Add Survey Details

The first page of creating a survey will prompt you to answer the following basic information about the survey:


This is the name that your survey will have whenever it's referenced in Humi. In addition, the title will appear in the directory and on the survey details page, so you can use the title in the search bar within the directory to locate a survey.


The description can be located on the details page of the survey, and it can be helpful as it provides participants with context regarding the survey.

Due Date

In the "Due Date" field, select the date by which the survey must be completed.

If all participants haven't completed the survey by the due date, the survey's status will be changed from "Incomplete" to "Overdue." 

Employees will still be able to submit answers after this date; however, you won't be able to see the survey results until all participants have completed the survey. If you want to view the survey results but without waiting for all participants to complete the survey, you can force complete the survey to see the results.


In this section, select whether or not you want the results of the survey to be anonymous. 

If you select "Yes," you won't have access to any employee information connected to the survey results.

Choose Survey Template

The survey template is the set of questions that the participants will be required to answer. Only admins can access the templates feature unless an employee has a custom role that has access to managing survey templates.

The dropdown will show both Performance and Survey templates because templates are shared between these two modules. From the templates listed in the dropdown, select the one you would like to apply to the survey you are creating.

For more information regarding templates, click here.

Add Participants

The "Manager Filter" function allows you to filter through the reports to of a specific manager. When you use the dropdown to select a manager, it populates a list of the people that report to them. If you would rather see a list of all employees, there is an option at the top of the dropdown menu to select all employees at the company.


The final step of creating a survey is the summary page. This step is useful because it lists all the details about the survey you are about to send out so you can double verify the information and go back and make edits as needed.

Once everything looks in order on the summary page, click "Complete," and a notification (see notification settings) will be sent to all the employees assigned. They will then be able to log into their Humi accounts and complete the survey.


There is no way to make a survey optional, so all assigned participants will be required to complete the survey.

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