How to create an Email Template

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Using email templates can help you save time because you can create the email once and use it whenever needed. 

How to Create Email Templates

1. In "Recruiting," click the "Templates" tab and select "Email Templates" from the drop-down menu.        Screen_Shot_2022-01-27_at_1.25.36_PM.png

2. From here, you can create a reusable email template by clicking on the "+ Create Template button.create-template.png

3. On the "Create an email template" page, there are three mandatory fields to complete: template name, email subject and body.


Template Name: This is for internal use and should describe the email template's function. For example, if we create an email template that will be sent when applicants apply to your job post, the template name could be "Applied Email." 

Email Subject: This is the email subject line applicants will see when they receive the email. Note that you can't use customization tokens in this field.

Body: This is where you will write the email applicants will receive. Within the body of the email, you can format the text and change the font, colour, bold, italic, underline, bullets, numbers, hyperlinks, and insert photos.

On the right side you'll see a list of "Customization tokens." These customization tokens serve as placeholders that automatically populate information based on the reply email and job post you inputted when drafting the actual email.

You can copy and paste the customization tokens into the body (including the square brackets).

Important note

You cannot type out the customization token name, it must be copy and pasted to work.

The "funnel stage" you select will determine the applicant names that will be populated by the customization tokens.

Learn more about "Customization Tokens" here

If you need to edit or delete an Email Template, click here. 

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