Customization Tokens

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When manually sending an email or creating an email template, you can use "customization tokens" to automatically include the corresponding applicant information.


Customization tokens can be used in the "Subject" and "Body" fields.

How do "Customization Tokens" work?

Customization tokens auto-populate the information they are related to. 

For example, if you use the customization token "[applicant_first_name]" in the email you're sending to multiple applicants in your job funnel, each applicant's first name will populate in the email. 

You must copy and paste the customization token (including the square brackets) for them to work, you can't type it in. 

Email example with "Customization Tokens"

Below is an example of the email drafted in Humi using the "customization tokens" which are highlighted.  

Email draft in Humi:


When sending a test email, you'll see the email was sent with the information auto-populated from the customization tokens.

The email the applicant will receive:


Now that you know how to use customization tokens, feel free to use them when drafting emails or email templates to create more personalized emails for your applicants.

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