Set up a "Time in Lieu" policy

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There may be instances where you want to give your employees "Time in Lieu" instead of paid time off. If this is the case, keep reading to learn how to set up a "Time in Lieu" policy.  

1. Create a new Time Off "type" called "Time in Lieu" or whatever name you prefer. Learn how to set up a Time Off "Type" here.


2. In this type, click the "+ Create Policy" button, then create a new policy using these settings:

  • Accrual Setting: Accrues
  • Accrual Frequency: Annual
  • Days/Hours Accrued Per Year: 0
  • First Day of Period: Jan 1st
  • Accruals Happen On: First Day of Period

3. Assign this policy to all employees you want to add.

That's it! Now any employees you've assigned this Time Off policy will be able to request "Time in Lieu."

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