Copy a Time Off policy

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Creating new Time Off policies can be time-consuming, so you can copy a policy and then change the fields as required instead of starting from scratch each time.

Copy a Time Off policy

  1. In "Time Off," click on the "Types & Policies" tab.
  2. Find the policy you want to copy, click on the three dots, and select "Copy" from the dropdown menu. Screen_Shot_2022-06-03_at_11.13.30_AM.png
  3. Humi will make a copy of the policy, not including any employees or transactions associated with it. 
  4. Click the three dots and select "Edit" from the dropdown menu to make adjustments to the copied policy. 
    Reminder: All policy settings are the same as the original policy you copied. 
  5. Once you've made the appropriate changes, click the three dots and select "Assign" from the dropdown menu to assign your employees to the newly created policy. 

You're now ready to make new Time Off policies in just a few minutes. If you have time, we recommend reading the Time Off articles below to learn how you can effectively use Humi's powerful Time Off module.  

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