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Having access to important employee information is important. That's why we created "Custom Fields" in Humi.

This feature allows you to get specific, highly customized information about your employees beyond the standard default fields provided by Humi. 

You can create custom fields for anything from friendly "get-to-know-you" type of questions like: "What's your favorite food" or "About Me Sections" to employment information like "Uniform Size" or "Required Licenses/expiration dates."

There are no limits to the "Custom Fields" you can create in Humi. 

"Custom Field Groups" enable you to organize this information in a clear, concise way by grouping related "Custom Fields" together. 

In this article we'll discover:

  • What are "Fields" and "Field Groups?"
  • Where are Custom "Fields/Field Groups" located?
  • Types of Field Groups 
  • Types of Fields

What are "Fields" and "Field Groups?"

"Fields" refers to the place where employees can enter their responses/information.

Fundamentally, "Field Groups" are "sections." We called them "Field Groups" because they're groups of related "fields" (of information). Creative, right? Yeah, we felt pretty good about that one.

Every "Field" must be located within a "Field Group." field-groups-fields.png

In the above screenshot, we've highlighted two "Field Groups:"

  1. Basic Information
  2. Personal Information

Within these "Field Groups," you'll notice that they have several "Fields" requiring employee information. 

Where are "Custom Fields/Field groups" Located?

There are only two places that you can place your "Custom Field Groups" in the employee profile, either the "Personal" tab or the "Job & Pay" tab.


Important Note

If you create "Custom Field Groups" that contain sensitive information, we recommend placing it within the "Job & Pay" tab on the employee profile. This ensures only admins or managers with permission will be able to see this information. 

Types of "Field Groups"

There are two types of field groups:

Default Field Groups


You can see Humi's "Default Field Groups " in the above screenshot."

"Default Field Groups" are displayed first, and any "Custom Field Groups" are shown afterwards on employee profiles.

Handy Tip

Since "Default Custom Fields" can't be reordered, if there's important information that you want to be visible near the top of the employee profile, you can do this by adding a "Custom Field" into a "Default Field Group."


In the screenshot above, you can see that the custom fields "Employee ID" and "Parking Space Number" were added to the default field group "Basic Information." 

If you want to do this, select the default field group "Basic Information" when you create your "Custom Field."



Custom Field Groups

Custom Field Groups are field groups that you can create to customize your employee profiles. You can add as many custom field groups as you would like.

For some ideas, here are a few examples of some "Custom Field Groups" that you can create:

  • About me 
  • Parking Information
  • Uniform Information
  • Visa Information
  • Required Licenses 

Any "Custom Field Groups" that you create will show on the "Custom Fields - Field Groups" page (Settings > Custom Fields > Field Groups).

Types of Fieldsfields.png

There are two types of "Fields:"

  1. Default Fields - these are created by Humi and cannot be reordered. 
  2. Custom Fields- these are created by admins and can be reordered but will only be displayed after "Default Fields."

In the screenshot above, we've highlighted the "Default Fields" and the "Custom Fields" within the "Default Field Group - Basic Information." 

Default Fields

"Default Fields" can't be deleted or reordered because they're required fields typically completed by employees during onboarding. 

When you try to reorder "Custom Fields," you'll see the "Default Fields" are greyed out and can't be reordered, as shown in the below screenshot. 


If you want or need more information beyond the default fields, we encourage you to create a custom field. 

"Default Fields" will always be displayed before any "Custom fields." 

Custom Fields

Only admins can create "Custom Fields" and "Custom Field Groups." Managers and employees can't create "Custom Fields;" however, they will be able to complete the fields (based on the "Roles & Permissions" granted to the employee).

Click here to learn "How to create a custom field."

Reorder Custom Field Groups

After you've created your "Custom Fields Groups," you may realize that you want to reorder them. Learn how to "Reorder Custom Field Groups" here.

Reorder Custom Fields within Field Groups

After creating custom fields, you may find that you want to reorder them for a better flow. To reorder the custom fields within any "Field Group," you can easily do so in a few short clicks. Discover how with this support article. 

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