Custom Fields Overview

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Easy access to important employee information is essential, so we introduced Custom Fields in Humi.

With Custom Fields, you can gather personalized information beyond the standard fields. Create fields for anything, from fun get-to-know-you questions like "What's your favourite food?" to crucial details like "Uniform Size" and "Required Licenses/Expiration Dates."

The custom fields you can create are unlimited, and Custom field groups help you organize related fields, giving you a clear and concise overview.

This article will give you an overview of custom fields and field groups, so you'll have a solid understanding before you start creating them!


What Are Fields and Field Groups?

Fields are entry points where employees can enter their responses and the information is displayed on their employee profile.

Field Groups are the sections that help organize these fields. Every field lives within a field group.

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Where To Add Custom Fields and Field Groups

You can place them in two spots within the employee profile: the Personal tab or the Job & Pay tab.



Use The Job & Pay Tab For Sensitive Information

If f you create custom field groups containing sensitive information, placing them in the Job & Pay tab of the employee profile is best. This way, only admins or managers with the right permissions can see this information.


Types of Fields and Field Groups

There are two types, click to open and learn about each:


Humi creates Default Fields and Field Groups that cannot be reordered.

Humi's default field groups are as follows: 


Default field groups always appear first on the employee profile, followed by custom field groups.

Handy Tip

Since default field groups can't be reordered, you can ensure important information is visible near the top of the employee profile by adding a custom field into a Default Field Group.

The example below shows that the custom fields "Employee ID" and "Parking Space Number" were added to the Basic Information field group and are now visible near the top of the employee profile. Screenshot 2024-07-16 at 11.29.50 AM.png

You can create a custom field if you want or need more information beyond the default fields and add them to any field group.


Admins create Custom Fields and Field Groups, which can be reordered.

Custom field groups let you personalize your employee profiles. You can create as many as you need. Here are some examples to get your ideas flowing:

  • About Me
  • Parking Information
  • Uniform Information
  • Visa Information
  • Required Licenses

Any custom field groups you create will appear on the Custom Fields—Field Groups page (Settings > Custom Fields > Field Groups).

Custom Fields: You can create a custom field if you want or need more information beyond the default fields and add them to any field group.



How To Reorder Custom Fields and Field Groups 

After creating your custom fields and custom field groups, you may realize you want to reorder them for a better flow. 

Click here to learn how to reorder custom fields.

Click here to learn how to reorder custom field groups.


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