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We understand that being constantly bombarded with notifications and emails can be overwhelming, so if you want to manage your notification preferences in Humi, this article will show you how.

In "Settings," under the first tab, "Notifications," you can manage all notifications that employees receive. If you click on the switch, it will turn grey and turn off all notifications; it will stop all emails and Humi notifications (excluding invitations, applicant emails, and offer emails) from being sent. 

We recommend keeping notifications enabled so that your employees never miss anything. General notifications include time off requests, documents to be signed, tasks, or actions required by employees. 

How to manage Humi notifications

All Notifications

  1. In "Settings," under the first tab, "Notifications," you'll see a switch next to the "All Notifications" section. If it's grey and the switch is to the left, Humi notifications are disabled, and if it is blue and the switch is to the right, Humi notifications are enabled. Screen_Shot_2022-08-15_at_3.42.43_PM.png

Performance notifications

In this section, you can specify and control the notifications you want to send to employees from the performance module, such as when a review is created, missed, or deleted.

The features included in the performance module are feedback, goals, reviews, and surveys.

  1. Click "Edit," and Humi will direct you to the "Performance notification settings" page.
  2. Click the arrow in each section's top right corner to open all the notification options. From here, you can uncheck any notifications that you don't want to be sent. GIF_Recording_2022-08-15_at_3.56.53_PM.gif

You're now ready to manage your Humi notifications; use the link below to learn more about what you can do in the "Settings" module. 

  Discover more about Settings

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