Understanding the Humi Modules

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Humi offers a collection of handy modules, each with its own features, tools, and helpful information. This article will offer an overview of each module to help you get the most out of everything Humi has to offer!


Understanding the Humi Modules

When you log in to Humi, your left-hand navigation will show all the modules you currently have access to. To view a specific module, simply click the name and it will open. Easy as pie!

The table below offers an overview of the different modules and their primary functions:

Module Name What It's For
Home View all notifications and tasks that are assigned to you alongside your week-at-a-glance calendar, which includes time off, birthdays, work anniversaries, and employee start dates.
Profile View and edit details regarding your personal employee Humi profile and account.
People View your employee directory, navigate the information of individual employees, manage hiring/terminating, manage employee onboarding/offboarding, and more.
Payroll Access your robust payroll features to run payroll and review past payroll records.
Time Off Track employee time off with ease. Manage time off policies, approve requests for time off, and view everyone's planned time off on one calendar.
Recruiting Create a dynamic job board, track potential hires through a funnel, and easily post listings to job boards and social channels.
Documents Manage, store, and sign digital employee documents.
Training Store training information, see the status of training programs, get notified about pending training before they're overdue, and notify employees when training needs to be done.
Surveys Create, send, and review employee surveys.
Performance Coach and develop your team to be their best. Conduct detailed 360-degree surveys, one-on-one reviews, encourage feedback, and enable strategic goal setting.
Reporting Make data-backed decisions with the help of robust reports. Access reporting features for every facet of your company's data in Humi.
Benefits View, manage, and explore your company's benefits packages.
Company View and edit company-level information including business locations, company assets, employee positions, and more.
Settings View and edit company-level settings for your Humi account.


Your current selected role dictates your access to different modules within Humi. You can toggle between roles by selecting the dropdown under your name on the top right of the site.

Your account admin will have access to create new roles and assign them to members of the team. If you are not able to access a module you need, please contact your administrator to review your assigned permissions.

For more information on managing roles & permissions, see Roles & Permissions.


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