How to switch between multiple roles in Humi

If you've been assigned an additional role in Humi, such as a "manager" or "admin" role, you might be wondering how to switch between them.

This article will explain how to easily toggle between your assigned roles in Humi. 

How to switch between roles in Humi

  1. In Humi, click on the down arrow located next to your name in the top right corner and select "Roles" from the dropdown menu. Screen_Shot_2022-08-02_at_10.38.51_AM.png
  2. Select the role you want to switch to, and Humi will automatically refresh and switch to the chosen role. Screen-Recording-2022-08-02-at-11.11.20-AM.gif

That's it! We told you it would be quick. To learn more about navigating Humi use the links below.

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