Personal Information

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Personal Information

The Personal tab of the profile section contains default fields for commonly used employee data such as emergency contacts and personal information and can be expanded by your Humi admins to include custom fields based on your organizations needs.

All the fields in the personal information section can be edited by selecting the edit button at the top right their respected section. A few key input fields require special consideration before editing:

Preferred Name / Legal Name

Your preferred name is what will be used as a display across the Humi platform as well as in emails that are sent through Humi. Your legal name will be used when you have to sign documents within Humi, as well as used for payroll purposes.

It's important to note that when using any of the search tools within Humi (ex/ directory, time off requests, reviews, etc) the employee's preferred name will be used for searching.

SIN + Address

These fields are required for employees on Humi Payroll. The address is the employee's personal address which will be displayed in documents such as ROE, or the T4 tax form that is issued at year end. It's important to get this right as address can affect taxation!

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