How to create a training program

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Training is an important part of any business because it ensures that employees are compliant, empowered, and have the tools they need to succeed.

We understand how difficult it can be to keep up with everyone's training, and how easily employees can forget.

With our "Training" module, Humi makes it easier to keep track of employee training.

This article will explain how to create a training program in Humi. 

How to create a training program

1. In "Training," click on the "Training Programs" tab.

2. Click the "+ Create training program" button on the top right corner.Screen_Shot_2022-08-11_at_2.17.47_PM.png

3. Fill out all of the mandatory fields denoted with an asterisk, including the name, and description and attach any applicable files. Then select the training details you would like to track for this program. Screen_Shot_2020-07-02_at_12.31.20_PM.png


By default, each program tracks the date of completion, optional notes, and files.

You may not want to allow your employees to record training as completed for some types of training so that you can personally ensure its completion. If this is the case, leave the "Allow employees to record their own program completion" field unchecked.


When this box is left unchecked, only managers or administrators will be able to mark the training as completed. However, if you don't mind employees confirming the training was done, check off this box to allow them to mark it as complete when they've done it. 

By default, admins (for all employees) and managers (for their reports) can record that training has been completed on the employee's behalf.


You can set a due date by selecting the "Set due date" field and inputting the number of days, months or years, relative to the "Enrollment Date."


The "Enrollment Date" is the date the employee was added to a training program. For new hires, if the training is assigned during the onboarding flow, their first day of work would be considered the "Enrollment Date." 


If the training has multiple sessions, you can set the program to repeat.

The repeat options are:

  • On a specific date: You need to input a month and day of the year
  • Relative to enrollment date: You need to input the number of days, months, and years after the enrollment date
  • Dependant on expiration date: The program will repeat depending on the recorded expiration date. This is recommended for licences and the next training session due date could be scheduled for a short time before the expiration date.


To set the number of times you would like this program to repeat, select "does end" and input the total number of sessions.

4. Lastly, add the employees you would like to enrol into the program and click "Save."Screen_Shot_2020-07-02_at_12.34.48_PM.png

Once you've assigned the training to the employees required, the employee will get an email and a notification on their Humi homepage.

You can also see that the training was added to the employee by checking in their employee profile under the "Training" tab. Navigate to their employee profile, click on the "More" tab and select "Training." You'll see the training you just assigned to them in the "Upcoming Training" section.

You're now ready to create and assign training programs in Humi! Use the links below to learn more about features in the Training module.

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