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We've made it simple to update any of your personal information on your Humi employee profile, such as your name, phone number, birthday, home address and more.

This article will explain how to update the information in each section of the "Personal" tab on your employee profile.

How to update the Personal Information in your employee profile

  1. Click on "Profile" from the Humi menu to be directed to your employee profile. 
  2. From here, you can edit the information in any of these sections by clicking "Edit" on the top right corner. GIF_Recording_2022-12-15_at_10.31.04_AM.gif

There are four sections you can edit under the "Personal" tab of your employee profile: 

  • Basic Information (Name, gender, pronouns etc.)
  • Personal Information (Legal name, birthday, phone number etc.)
  • Address 
  • Emergency contacts (Primary and secondary)

Keep reading to find out what you can update in each of these sections. 


Basic Information

The fields in this section reflect how you identify yourself. Your responses will appear on your employee profile and be visible to everyone in the company.


Click "Edit" to add or update the following information: 

Once you've made the changes, click "Save."


Personal Information

The information you provide in this section may be used for document signing, insurance, or other purposes. By default, this information is only visible to system administrators but can be configured to be visible to others.


Click "Edit" to add or update the following information: 

  • Legal first name, legal middle name and legal last name
  • Date of birth
  • Legal Sex
  • Mobile and home phone number
  • Any custom fields your Humi admin added - this will vary for each company.

When you're done, click "Save."




If you've recently moved or noticed an error on your address in Humi, click "Edit" in this section to add or update your address. 


Emergency contacts


We hope you'll always be safe and will never need to use this information, but accidents do happen, so it is critical that your emergency contact information is kept up to date. 

Click "Edit" to add or update the following information: 

  • Primary contact name, relation and phone number
  • Secondary contact name, relation and phone number.

You now know how to edit the personal information on your employee profile in Humi. Use the links below to learn how to update information from other tabs on your employee profile.

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