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Time Tracking Reports are a simple, effective way to view and export data from the time tracking module. Admins can grab a snapshot of the time put in by each employee, check in on how long a project is taking, or filter by a specific project to find the information you care about most.

This article will go over how to filter and export your timesheet data reports.

Understanding Time Tracking Report Data

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In Time Tracking, under the Reports tab, you’ll find a table with all of the approved hours for your company. You can filter the data by clicking on the little filter icon at the top of each column.

Column Name Description
Name This lists the name of the employee who logged the hours.
If the employee has logged hours for multiple projects or unique hour entries, they will show a row for each one.
Position The employee’s position in the company.
Department The employee’s department in the company.
Project The name of the project these hours were entered for.
Total Hours The total number of hours that have been entered for this employee, assigned to this project.


How to Filter Data in Time Tracking Reports GIF Recording 2023-07-24 at 7.39.09 PM.gif

  1. In Time Tracking, head to the Reports tab
  2. At the top of each column, you’ll see a small filter icon
  3. To filter the data, click on the filter icon and select the data you’d like to filter by, such as certain departments or projects
  4. To remove a filter, click the filter icon again and deselect the filter

Sorting Data by Column

You can also sort your data by clicking the title of any column. When you sort by column, a small arrow will show next to the selection you’re sorting by. By default, data is sorted A-Z by the employees’ last name.


How to Export a Time Tracking Report

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  1. In Time Tracking, head to the Reports tab
  2. Apply any additional filters to focus your report on the information you need
  3. When you’re happy with the data being captured in the report, click the Export button in the top right corner
  4. In the dropdown, choose the format you’d like to export the report to: CSV or Excel
  5. The report will be downloaded to your device

Only the data shown will be exported

Only the information that fits your chosen filters will be exported.

Looking for Payroll Reports for Time Tracking?

Admins can access a detailed report that includes payroll data by heading to the Reporting module. To learn more about this report, click here.

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