General Reports and how they're helpful

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Analyzing data is one of the best ways to identify trends, better understand your company and find areas for improvement. At Humi, we love data; that's why we provide so many reports to help you know your employees, company and trends better - you can even create custom reports to organize employee information as you require!

In "Reporting," there are several types of reports you can explore, including:Screen_Shot_2022-08-25_at_9.41.45_AM.png

Note: The "Data Import" and "Data Export" tabs enable you to bulk import or export employee data. 

In this article, we'll provide a quick overview of the various reports available in "Reporting" under the "General" tab and the information available from each.

General Reports and how they're helpful

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Training Report Age Profile Seniority Profile
Payroll Digest Department Profile Time Off Balances
Benefits Digest  Legal Sex Profile Time Off Requests
Time to Fill/Hire Headcount History Turnover Profile
Additions and Terminations Salary Profile Missing Employee Data
Asset Report Time Tracking Report for Payroll  

Using Graphs

To see how many people each bar or section on a graph represents, hover over it to see the total number.


Training Report

This report displays all employees' training information. The table shows the training plans assigned to each employee, the training status (Completed or incomplete), the due date, completion date and more.  
You can also filter by training program to see information about a specific training program. This information makes it easy to see your completion rates, follow up with employees who haven't completed the training yet, or send reminders to complete the training.


Payroll Digest Screen_Shot_2022-08-24_at_3.34.07_PM.png

The "Payroll Digest" report shows any changes to employee information that should be synced with your payroll provider.


Benefits Digest

Similar to the payroll digest, the benefits digest provides a list of employee information changes that should be synced with your benefits provider.


Time to Fill/Hire

Time to fill and time to hire details are available for each hired applicant in the "Recruiting" module.

Time to fill measures the time between a job posting's creation and an applicant accepting the offer. Time to hire measures the time between an applicant applying and accepting their offer.


Additions and Terminations

This report shows a bar chart that beautifully displays how many people were hired or terminated in a given period.
You can also change the date range for the report and filter the information by office location, department, legal sex, employment, compensation, and manager for a tailored report. 


Age Profile


This report includes a bar chart that illustrates the age distribution in your company. In addition, you can filter the information by office location, department, legal sex, employment, compensation, and manager for a more customized report.
Knowing your employees' demographic groups is beneficial. If you're working towards diversifying your workforce, this report will help you see if you are achieving your goals.


Department ProfileScreen_Shot_2022-08-24_at_4.42.42_PM.png

This report shows the distribution of employees across departments in your company in a colourful pie chart.
A glance at this report can help you see if you need more or fewer employees in a specific department to reach your company goals.


Legal Sex Profile

This report is a great way to get a quick view of your workforce's gender diversity on a pie chart. In addition, it displays you a breakdown of the legal sexes represented in your company. 


Headcount History

This report can help you see if you have enough coverage in each of your departments or if your recruiting efforts are successful because it shows you the monthly number of people in each department.
By default, the date range is within one year; however, you can enter a custom date range and filters for a more specific report. 


Salary Profile

This report shows how your company's yearly salary is distributed across departments. This can assist you in determining where you have room for expansion or where you need to make additional investments.


Seniority Profile

This report can help you see how many people are staying with your company and displays the distribution of how long people have been with your company.


Time Off Balances


This report shows the value of usage and accrual for your company's leave types. From here, you can quickly see how much time off your employees have accrued or used. 

You can filter by date range, leave type, employee status, department, manager and office for a tailored report.  


Time Off Requests

With this report, you can quickly see your employees' approved time off requests for each leave type.
You can filter by date range, leave type, employee status, department, manager and office for a tailored report.  


Turnover Profile

This report helps determine your company's turnover rate and see how well you retain talent. It displays the rate of employee turnover over headcount at the start of a given period.
You can include a date range and filters to make the report more specific.


Missing Employee Data


Use this report to see what employee data is incomplete in Humi. 


Asset Report

Anything a company gives their employee to use for work is considered a "Company asset."

In Humi, you can track all company assets using the "Asset tracker." This report displays the current distribution of company assets. 

Learn more about the Asset Tracker feature here.  


Time Tracking Report for Payroll

The Time Tracking Report for Payroll allows you to view and export data from time tracking along with compensation details for your employees. Admins can filter by specific project, department, or position to find the information you care about most.

Screenshot 2023-07-26 at 11.08.15 AM.png

Check out the table below to learn about the data available in each field.

Column Name Description
Name This lists the name of the employee who logged the hours.
If the employee has logged hours for multiple projects or unique hour entries, they will show a row for each one.
Email The employee’s primary email address.
Position The employee’s position in the company.
Department The employee’s department in the company.
Date The date specified when these hours were entered.
Project The name of the project these hours were entered for.
Note The attached note for this entry, if included.
Compensation The employee’s current regular compensation.
Hours The number of hours for this specific entry.

Designed for payroll

For ease of payroll, this report will show each hour entry as a separate line item. If you’d like to view cumulative hours entered for projects, you can use the Reports tab in the Time Tracking module. Click here to learn more.


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