Departments Guide: How to add, edit, delete and view departments

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In the "Departments" tab of the "People" module, you'll find a visual overview of your company's organizational structure and the number of employees in each department.



It's essential that you configure your company's departments in Humi for more accurate reporting.

This "Department's Guide" will explain how to:


How to add a department


  1. In "People," under the "Departments" tab, click the "+ Create Department" button located in the top right corner. 
  2. Enter the department name, select a colour to represent the department on the department table visually, add a description in the pop-up, then click "Save."

How to edit or delete a department


If you created a department but want to edit the name, description, or colour we made it easy to make these changes.

  1. In "People," under the "Departments" tab, select the department you want to edit from the table.
  2. On the department page, click the three dots in the right corner and select "Edit" from the dropdown menu.
    Delete a department

    If you want to delete the department, follow the steps above but select "Delete" from the dropdown menu. 

How to view a department

When you click on the "Departments" tab, all existing departments will be displayed on the table. To view the department page, click on the department you need. 


The department page provides a brief description of the department as well as all of the employees assigned to it, including their full name, position, status, department, and hire date.

That's all there is to it; you're now ready to begin adding departments to Humi! Continue learning about all of the functions available in the People module by clicking on the links below.

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