How to send invites to everyone still in "Onboarding" status

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Suppose you've hired a large number of new employees, and there are multiple people who haven't completed onboarding and are still in "Onboarding" status. In this case, you can easily resend onboarding invites in bulk in under a minute by following these steps:

  1. In "People," click on the "Settings" tab and select "Onboarding" from the dropdown.settings-onboarding.png
  2. In the "Resend Invites" section, click the "Send" button.send-invites.png

That's it! The onboarding email has been sent to everyone in "Onboarding" status in Humi. They'll receive an email with a link so they can become active in Humi. Once they're an "Active" employee in Humi, they'll have full employee access and you can assign them documents, tasks, training plans and more.


If you only need to send the invitation to a single employee, click here.

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