Time Tracking - How to Log, Edit, & View Your Hours

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Welcome to Humi Time Tracking!

Time Tracking allows you to submit your hours worked throughout the day directly in Humi. Submitted hours then flow right to timesheets for management review and one-click approval. 

This article will teach you how to log, edit, and view your hours in Humi.

Introducing: The Time Tracking Widget

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The easiest place to view and add your hours is right on your Humi Dashboard!

Once you’ve been added to Time Tracking by an admin, you’ll notice a new widget on your dashboard above the list of events to the right of your inbox. This widget offers quick access to the most important details about your time tracking, including:

  • Today’s date
  • How many hours you’ve logged for today
  • How many hours you logged yesterday
  • A quick link to enter your hours
  • A quick link to view your timesheet


How to Log New Hours

As an employee, there are two ways you can enter your hours in Humi: Through the dashboard widget or through the Time Tracking module.

Choose your preferred method from the tabs below to learn how:

Dashboard Widget In Time Tracking

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  1. To log new hours from your Humi Dashboard, click the Enter Hours button
  2. On the Enter Hours page, fill in your entry details:
    • The date the hours are for
    • An associated Project (optional)
    • How many hours were worked
    • The type of hours worked (if Payroll is connected)
    • Any notes about the hours being entered (optional)
  3. When you’re ready, hit Submit to log your hours in Humi
  4. Your hours will then be passed along for approval

24-hour daily limit

Humi will only allow you to log a total of 24 hours in a single calendar day. If you try to enter any hours above this threshold, you’ll receive an error letting you know you’ve exceeded the maximum allowable hours for the day.

How Hour Approvals Work

Logged hours are approved in one of three ways:

  1. By the assigned project manager
  2. By your admin or direct manager
  3. Automatically, if this setting has been enabled for your time entries or assigned projects

To see if your hours have been approved, check out your Timesheet in Time Tracking.

Admins & Direct Managers

Some approvers can also enter hours for employees under The Time Tracking tab in the Employee Profile. Click here to learn more.


How to Edit Unapproved Hours

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If your hours haven’t been approved yet, you can easily make an adjustment to the details of your recent entries.

  1. To get started, head to Time Tracking
  2. Find the entry you’d like to edit
  3. Click on the Three Dots and select Edit
  4. In the Edit window, make your desired changes
  5. When you’re ready, hit Save to resubmit your hours for approval

How to check an entry’s approval status

You can see whether an entry has been approved by checking the Status column.

  • If your entry is marked as Pending, you are still able to edit the details of the log.
  • If your entry is marked as Approved, you can’t make changes to it.


How to View Submitted Hours

To view your submitted hours, simply head to Time Tracking and select the information you’d like to view: My Timesheet or My Projects.

My Timesheet My Projects

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Under the My Timesheet tab, you’ll see a table that contains all of your time logs along with a collection of helpful data:

  • The date the hours were logged for
  • The associated project (if assigned)
  • Any included notes
  • The hour type (if Payroll is connected)
  • The approval status
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