Time Off

Time Off Settings

General Settings

Time Off Settings are used to configure high level options for the module as a whole. This is where you can control high level privacy, approval flows, work schedules, and more. Generally speaking, you'll just need to set things up in here once, and revisit every few years to ensure your policies are still in line with the way you have things configured.

As an admin, navigate to the Time Off module, and find the "Settings" tab.

There, at the top, you will see a single option for Time Off Leave Visibility.

If this toggle is turned on, employees will be able to see other people's requests.

If this toggle is turned off, employees will see nothing but their own requests in the Humi system.

Note that when the above toggle is turned on, these requests can either reveal simply that someone is "Away", or can display full details such as Time Off Type, and Description. This secondary level of control is accessed in the Time Off Type visibility settings, and can be controlled on a per-Type-basis.

Here are some sample places in the system that requests might be revealed to Employees if this toggle is turned on:

Setup Work Schedule

Work Schedules are where you configure the weekends, holidays, and blackout periods for various groups of employees.

For example, you could create one Work Schedule for your main office, and another for your US office. You could also create a Work Schedule for your Hourly employees, if they work weekends, for example.

Note that the system creates a default Work Schedule for you, which employees will be assigned to by default. To put employees on a different Work Schedule, you must assign them to it.

The following will walk through how to create a Work Schedule, and assign employees to that work schedule.

To begin, login as an admin, and navigate to the Time Off module.

Click on the "Settings" tab, and look for the Work Schedules section →  the "+ Create Work Schedule" button, and click to create a new one.

You'll be asked to give the Work Schedule a name. Enter one, then continue:

You'll then be able to configure the work schedule as you please. There are three major components to a Work Schedule:

  • Weekend settings
  • Holiday settings
  • Blackout period settings

We default you to Saturday and Sunday as the weekend days, but you can change these if you wish.

Then, you'll need to configure your holidays for the next few years. Some things to note:

  • You'll need to configure the holidays for one year at a time.
  • You should add stat holidays for the current year, then add custom holidays for the current year, as you wish.
  • Then, use the dropdown to go to the next year (eg 2021).
  • There, you'll be able to "copy custom days from last year". This will copy only the custom holidays from the year prior.
  • Then you can import the stat holidays for that year (eg 2021).
  • Also note that if any holidays fall on a weekend, you can edit that individual holiday to observe it on the Friday before, or the Monday after, as you wish.

Blackout periods allow you to configure certain date ranges each year which will be unavailable to book off, for employees. Employees will be prevented from making requests that overlap at all with the blackout period. However, admins will be able to override this and make requests on behalf of employees during blackout periods, if they wish.

Please note that you must configure blackout periods for each year independently; blackouts do not recur automatically.

When you're happy with your changes, your can click away from this settings page, as your changes were saved progressively during editing.

After creating your Work Schedule, don't forget to assign it to the relevant employees. To do this, go back to the table of Work Schedules, click on the three dots next to the Work Schedule you'd like to assign, and click "Assign".

Then, you'll be able to assign this Work Schedule to all, or some employees:

To finish, click "Assign".

Setup Approval Flow

Time Off Approval Flows in Humi are used to control who needs to approve Time Off requests, and who should be notified once requests are approved.

Approval Flows are assigned to employees via Time Off Policies; you can have different approval flows for each Time Off Policy, as you wish.

The following will walk through how to create Time Off Approval Flows in Humi.

To begin, navigate to the Time Off module as an admin. Look for the Settings tab on the far right, and then find the "Approval Flows" section near the bottom.

To add an approval flow, click "+ Create Approval Flow".

Then, you'll need to name the approval flow, and decide if it should be an automatic approval, or manual approval flow.

In the case of manual approval, you'll get some extra options:

Here, you can add up to four steps of approval, in any order you wish. Your options are:

  • Manager (of the requestor)
  • Manager's manager (of the requestor)
  • Admin (all and any admins)
  • Specific Person

You can also optionally specify specific people, or roles (manager, admin, etc), to be notified upon approval of the Time Off Requests. These people will not be required to approve or deny requests, but will only be notified of the request when it has gone all the way through the approval flow.

When you're done configuring the Approval Flow, click Save.

Assign Approval Flow

To assign the Approval Flow, click the three dots next to it, and click 'Assign'.

Then, you'll be able to decide which Time Off Policies should use the selected Approval Flow. You can multi-select the options, as shown below:

Notice that it may already be assigned to some of the Policies, in which case that option will be greyed out.

When ready, click 'Assign', and you're done.