Time Off

Module Overview

Humi's Time Off module is built to support a variety of different types of setups when it comes to tracking time off. Whether you're a startup offering unlimited vacation with automatic approval, or a large company with stringent accrual schedules, accounting, and complex approval flows, Humi has you covered.

The backbone of the module is the Time Off Types, and Policies therein. As an example, you might have Vacation as a Type, and then a few Vacation Policies such as Standard Policy, Executive Policy, etc.

You can also configure the Time Off settings to fit your company's unique setup, including things like Approval flows, Work Schedules which allow you to specify Observed Holidays, Blackout Periods, and custom Weekend Schedules, and lots more.

To get started, we recommend the following:

  1. Create your Approval Flows
  2. Customize your Default Work Schedule
  3. Create your Types and Policies
  4. Assign your Policies to employees as you wish
  5. Visit Employee Profiles, check out the Time Off Tab
  6. Create your first Time Off Request!
  7. Review visibility settings to ensure people can only see what they should see.
  8. Check out the Time Off Balances report in the Reporting module

If you have previous data to import, you'll also want to check out our Time Off data importers in the Reporting module once you've gone through the above steps.