Time Off

Migrating from Old Time Off to New Time Off

If you are a client who was using Humi's Time Off module before August 2020, this will be relevant to you. Otherwise, you can safely skip this article.

Prepare for migration

The most important thing is to ensure consistent 'display name’ of any Leave Type that should be grouped. For example, Vacation 15 days, Vacation 20 days, should both have display name = ‘Vacation’. This will ensure they are grouped as distinct policies under the same 'Vacation' Time Off Type in the new system.

Archived and deleted Leave Types will not be migrated. Please clean up Leave Types as you wish.

Please ask employees to not book time off that day, or our CX team can block access to the system all together during migration.


Our team will run the migration scripts for you.

Our team will verify the data and enable the module once the data is verified.

Once the module is enabled, we'll review together all the data to ensure it's accurate.

Post migration

Admins (You) should review the generated Time Off Types + Policies, and ensure they all look good. You may want to tweak colour, icon, privacy settings.

Admins should decide if they want to use any new Time Off Type features, like the "Description" feature on Time Off Types, or track time in Hours, etc.

Admins should decide if they want to use any new Time Off Policy features, like 'max balance cap', or 'limit request length'. Our CX team will walk your team through these new features.

Admins should review the generated approval flows. Note that we automatically generate some approval flows for the "automatic approval" flows in the old system. Admins can decide if they want to use the new "notify upon approval" feature here.

Admins should review the generated default work schedule. They should configure the stat holidays and custom holidays as they wish for future years, beyond 2020.

Admins should decide if they want to generate other new work schedules, by office, country, etc., and assign these work schedules accordingly.


CX will train you on the new module if you wish, and will set up a call to walk you through all the awesome new features.