General Settings

Notification Preferences

Enabling your notifications will ensure that emails and Humi notifications are sent to employees. General notifications include time off requests, documents to be signed, tasks, or actions required by employees.

Enable or Disable Notifications

First, make sure you are logged into Humi as an Admin. Now look over at the left navigation bar and click on "Setting". Now we are in "Settings", and the first tab is notifications, which we are already in. To enable or disable notifications, toggle the switch. If it is grey and the switch is to the left, notifications are disabled, and if it is blue and the switch is to the right, notifications are enabled.

Performance Notifications

This will allow you to control what notifications are sent to employees from the performance module such as when a review is created, missed, or deleted. The features that are included within the performance module are feedback, goals, reviews, and surveys. By clicking 'Edit' you will be able to enable or disable notifications within each section.


The billing page is only accessible to admins. From here, you'll be able to view your subscription, add additional modules, change your payment information, view your next and last payment, download your invoice history, or cancel your subscription.

The pricing is broken down by the product and number of seats. The number of seats include employees that are active and onboarding. Your billing will adjust accordingly if employees are added or terminated.

Review and Update Your Subscription

Under the Subscription table you will find a full breakdown of the current product(s) active in the account, the pricing per month per employee, and the total cost per month. If you are interested in adding any additional products to the account, you can select 'Add Modules' and it will showcase the available modules.

Modules include: Core HR, Payroll, Time Off, Recruiting,  and Performance.

Updating Your Payment Information

The invoice will be billed to the credit card that was entered when activating the account so, we suggest to review the details here to ensure it is the correct credit card . If the credit card is expired or if a payment has failed, the primary admin will receive an email notification to update it.

View Invoice History

By clicking 'Invoice History' under 'Last Payment' you'll be able to view all invoices that include the period start date, period end date, amount, and the status of the invoice. Invoices can be downloaded as a PDF by clicking 'View' under the Invoice column.

Partner Integrations

Humi has partnered with Workable, JazzHR, Greenhouse, and Indeed to integrate with Humi. This will allow admins to track applicants, manage job postings, and onboard applicants all through Humi.

Please note that you will need to configure the recruiting module first before you can integrate with these partners.

Installing the available integrations & hiring applicants

Once you click 'Install' next to the app, you'll be prompted to enter the appropriate access token, API Key, or endpoint URL. When you mark a candidate as hired in Workable, JazzHR, or Greenhouse you will receive a link that will pre-populate the hiring information and will direct you to the hiring flow in Humi.

Indeed Integration

When a job is created on Humi, it will be sent directly to Indeed, where it can be discovered by 250M monthly job seekers - with no extra effort on your part.

When job listings from Humi appear on Indeed, they automatically include Indeed Apply. Indeed Apply provides a streamlined, mobile-optimized application process that makes it easy for job seekers to apply with their Indeed Resume. Jobs with Indeed Apply stand out in search results and get up to 8x more applicants.

Setting up your Indeed Integration

To set up your integration with Indeed first, navigate to Settings on the left navigation, and click the Integration tab. On the right-hand side, you'll see a list of available integrations. Click Install on the Indeed app.

If you already have an Indeed account enter in the email and phone number associated with your account. If you don't have one yet, you can use any email and phone number you'd like. By default, we'll enter in the email and phone number associated with your Humi account under the Company tab.

To ensure the integration is working navigate to Recruiting and visit any of your active job postings. You'll notice a small box on the right side under your hiring team that will indicate if a job is connected or not.

Please note that any changes up updates made through Indeed does not sync with Humi. All appropriate changes need to be done through Humi first to appear on Indeed. If you have existing postings or applicant already on Indeed prior to setting up your integration, please be aware that the posting will need to be recreated for applicants to be added automatically to Humi.

Pausing or removing the integration

To Pause the integration navigate back to the Integrations page and use the toggle to turn it off. If the toggle is showing blue it's enabled, and if it's grey it's disabled. Please note that if you have your Humi job board active elsewhere, applicants will still be able to apply. Pausing or removing the integration will only reflect on Indeed.

Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On is, by default, always available regardless of having the setting in Settings → SSO → Single Sign On toggled on.

By toggling on the Single Sign-On feature in Settings → SSO → Single Sign On, it will be enforced that users of the Humi account use their existing Google or Microsoft account for authentication.

Users will no longer be allowed to use their email and password to log into the Humi account.

However, any user with a Role that has Navigation → Administrator View will not have SSO enforced. Users with such role are considered owners/admins of the account.

To enforce Single Sign-On, click the toggle located on the right-hand side.