Manage Job Funnels

Humi’s Recruiting module offers funnels to represent the recruiting process. When creating a job posting, you will be able to access it’s funnel, which will consist of different stages. These stages represent phases of the recruiting process; they are customizable as you can create your own name for each stage and arrange them in whatever order you want.

There is only one funnel stage that is default: Applied. If you want to create a new funnel stage, click here. (link to creating job funnel section)

Since only admins or special roles (that have access to the recruiting module and managing job postings) can access job posting configurations, you will need to ask an admin to do this for you or get a permission change if you have neither of those roles. If you have a custom role you must be part of the hiring team in order to see the funnel process and other details of the job post.

When an applicant is initially added to Humi, they will appear in the “Applied” funnel (unless they answer no to an auto archiving question - link to creating job post article). Following this, you can move them between stages to represent their position within the recruiting process.

In order to place an applicant in a different funnel stage, you can drag and drop the applicant; you can also change their stage by going to the applicant directory or their profile page.

It is not possible to place an applicant within multiple funnel stages for a specific job post unless you create two separate profiles for the same person within that same post. An applicant can also be placed in multiple funnels if they have separate profiles for each job post.

Within Humi, you can only have one funnel per job post.

You are able to view funnels in the following settings:

  • Directly in the funnels tab
  • By going into a specific job posting and clicking on the tab titled “Funnel”

The button labelled “Email Applicants” located in the top right corner allows you to send a templated email to all applicants in a specific funnel stage for the current job posting. For further information on emailing applicants, click here. (link to emailing applicants article)

Sort Funnels by Picking Job Posting

The dropdown menu can be used to select a job post, this populates the columns that accompany the job post you selected. You are able to select from both published and archived job posts. For more information on how to archive a job post, click here. (link to managing job posts article)

Rename a Funnel Stage

You can rename a column by clicking on the three dots located to the right of the column name. Once you rename a column, it will appear automatically. You can rename a column at any time (even if the job post has been archived).

Delete a Funnel Stage

You can delete a column by clicking on the three dots located to the right of the column name. A column can be deleted at any time (even if a job post has been archived).

Once you delete a column, it will disappear automatically. There is no way to restore a deleted column.

Add a Funnel Stage

In order to add a column, you might need to scroll to the far right of the screen (this will depend on how many columns you have within that job post). You can add a column at any time (even if the job post has been archived)

Once you add a column, it will appear automatically within the funnel process.

Rearrange Stages in Funnel

You can drag and drop columns in order to arrange them in different sequences. This will not do anything to the applicants within that column. You can rearrange columns at any time (even if the job post has been archived).

Funnel Templates

Funnel Templates let you create a custom funnel and then those funnels to any new role apply it to any new role. You can have multiple templates that are customized to the hiring flows of the different roles you onboard or you can have one hiring funnel that you apply to every single job. The choice is yours! 

All of your funnel templates can be found in the templates section of the Recruiting module.

Create a Funnel Template from Scratch

1. Go to the Recruiting module. Click on the Templates tab and then select “Funnel Templates”. From here you can view all of your company’s existing funnel templates.

2. In the top right hand corner, there’s a button to create a funnel template. Clicking that button creates a new funnel which you can name anything you’d like. Once that new funnel template is created, you can add as many stages as you’d like.

3. Simply click save and you will be returned back to the templates view where you can see your new template in the list.

Save an Existing Funnel

If you already have a Job Posting that has a funnel that you would like to reuse, you can go to the Funnel view for that Job Posting and save a funnel template from there. 

1. Pick the funnel you'd like to save as a template.

2. Click the drop down and select the “Save as Template” option. 

3. Name and save your new funnel template

You can access your saved templates by clicking templates.

Apply an Funnel Template

1. If you’d like to apply your funnel template to a job posting, simply go to the funnel page for the job posting.

2. Click the Templates dropdown next to the Add Stage button and select Apply Template.

3. Select the funnel template you would like to apply.

The funnel stages will be copied into the funnel for that job posting and you can begin using them.