Manage Applicants

Once you add an applicant to Humi, you will be able to manage them within the applicant directory or in their respective job funnels. Only admins will be able to manage applicants, unless you create a custom role that has access to the Recruiting module and managing applicants. If you wish to give an employee access so they can see applicants within the funnel process for a specific job, you must also give them access to managing job posts.

It is not possible to place an applicant within multiple funnel stages for a specific job post unless you create two separate profiles for the same person within that same post. An applicant can also be placed in multiple funnels if they have separate profiles for each job post.

This article will go through the details of different actions you can take to manage applicants which have been added to your directory. (add link to adding applicants)

Search/Filter/Sort Applicants

You can change the order of the applicant directory according to last name by clicking on the arrow next to "Name" it will toggle the list between A-Z and Z-A. If you want to sort by date added, you can click on that column name.

You can filter by job post, status (active, archived), rating, and job funnel by clicking on the icon next to any of those column names.

Applicants can also be found by entering their name or job post within the search bar.

Add a Rating to an Applicant

A rating can be added to an applicant by clicking on the number of stars you would like to assign to the applicant; these stars can be found on the directory page within the applicant’s row, or on their profile page underneath their name. An applicant’s rating can also be added automatically through the use of autoscoring keywords (for more information on autoscoring keywords, click here - link to creating job post article). A rating can be changed at any time (even if the applicant has been archived). You can still manually change an applicant’s rating if they have already been rated using an autoscoring keyword.

Change Funnel Stage of an Applicant

Once you add an applicant to Humi (or if they are automatically added through Indeed or the job board), they will first appear in the “Applied” funnel of the job post you selected; you can rearrange applicants between funnels at any point in time (even if the job post has been archived).

If an applicant applies through the job board and answers “no” to an auto archiving question, then they will be automatically archived and you will not be able to find them within the funnel process. You will still be able to locate an archived applicant within the applicant directory. Archiving an applicant can be done by going onto their profile and clicking on the three dots located on the right side of the screen. If you want to unarchive an applicant, go to their profile page and click on the same three dots. You cannot filter applicants based on a single auto archiving question; if an applicant answers no to any auto archiving question they will be automatically archived and you will not be able to unarchive a group of them based on what question(s) led them to being archived.

Funnels will be used to represent the recruiting process for specific job posts. Applicants will be grouped together based on what stage they are in within the recruiting process.

You will be able to use different funnel stages to help configure mass emails using our Email Applicants feature. (link to emailing applicants article).

Only admins will be able to rearrange applicants between funnels, unless they have a custom role that has access to managing job posts (and most likely applicants), and they are part of the hiring team for a specific job post.

For further information on managing job funnels, click here. (link to managing job funnels article)

View or Add Applicant Documents

There are two documents you can upload:

  • Resume
  • Cover letter

When applying through the Humi-linked job board, it is mandatory to provide a resume and cover letter. If someone applies through Indeed, the only document that is required is the resume so there may not be a cover letter attached to the applicant’s profile. A document can be uploaded after an applicant has been added to Humi (through any of the application methods).

Once you upload a document, it will appear on their profile page and any admin or employee that is part of the hiring team will be able to view it. You can do this by scrolling down within an applicant's profile and clicking on the word "Browse" within the "Applicant Documents" section; this will pop up a window where you can upload an external file.

If you download the file, it will transfer to your “downloads” folder within your computer.

Applicant Discussions

Any member of the hiring team can leave a comment on an applicants profile. These comments will show the name of the commenter, their profile picture, and when they left the comment. 

These comments can only be viewed by members of the hiring team, and applicants cannot see any of the comments you leave on their profile.

Example of comments:

When adding a comment, members of the hiring team can decide who the comment will be visible to. There are three options:

  1. Hiring team and admins: anyone with access to the applicants profile will be able to see the comment.
  2. Only Me (Private): only the writer of the comment will be able to see it, and this note will be hidden from everyone else on the Hiring Team, including admins.
  3. Me and @ mentions: only the writer of the comment and whoever the tag from the hiring team can see this comment. This is perfect for passing sensitive information. Note: you can only tag other members of the hiring team.

Mentioning people in your comments

If you want another user to see your comment, you can tag them and they will receive a notification about the comment.

This only applies to comments that are set to the visibilities of “Hiring Team and Admins” or “Me and @ recipient”. If you tag an individual in a private comment, they will not receive the notification.

Editing and Deleting Comments
A person that writes a comment can edit or delete that comment by clicking on the three dots on the comment and click "delete".

Admins also have the ability to delete anyone's comments, even the ones they haven’t written themselves.

Archive/Unarchive an Applicant

An archived applicant will disappear from the funnel process, once you unarchive them they will reappear in the same spot of the funnel process that they were before they were archived. If an applicant has been archived, they will still be in the applicant directory and their information will still be available within Humi .

If an applicant has been archived, you can edit their information, manage their documents, and add internal notes.

An applicant can be archived/unarchived by going onto their profile page.

If an applicant answered “no” to an auto archiving question, they will be automatically archived and you will not be able to find them in the funnel process for the job post they applied to. For more information on auto archiving questions, click here. (link to creating job post article)

Delete an Applicant

An applicant can be deleted by going onto their profile page.

Once you delete an applicant, they will disappear from the directory immediately. There is no way to restore a deleted applicant. We recommend that you archive an applicant in most situations.