Job Board

In order to use the recruiting module, you must set up a job board which allows you to create job postings which in turn intake applications. The job board provides you with a Humi-linked website where people can apply to the job postings you have created. Once you configure the details of a job post, it automatically appears on the job board.

There are three sections that you can use in order to tailor your job board towards your company’s needs: job board information, brand assets, and advanced styles. The following page will dive into the details of these three sections.

You can integrate indeed with your Humi job board. For more information on indeed integration, click here. (link to integrations article)

If you integrate your job post with Indeed, we recommend you place a link to your job board along with a message informing applicants that they can apply through that method within the Indeed ad.

Since only admins or special roles can access the details page of the job board, you will need to ask an admin to do this for you or get a permission change if you have neither of those roles. In order to manage the job board, you must also have access to the recruiting module.

Edit Job Board Information

There are four inputs that exist:

  • Job Board Title
  • Company Website
  • Job Board Address
  • Success Message

Job Board Title

The job board title is the name that will be in the header of your job board website.

Company Website

Your company’s url will be attached to the logo on your job board; if an applicant clicks on the logo, they will be redirected to your company’s website.

Job Board Access

This will be the url that your job board will have. You can copy the job board link into other job post forums (if you are using them) in order to lead applicants towards applying through your own job board; this is useful as the job board application process requires more information to be filled out. This address can also be used as a link on your own company website’s career page to redirect them to your Humi-linked job board. There will always be a domain within the job board address.

Success Message

The success message is the message that will pop up after someone successfully applies. This message cannot be customized for different job postings, the same message will pop up for every job post on the job board; this message is not meant to be part of a specific job posting but rather a confirmation that an application has been received. If you wish to send information to applicants that are specific to the job posting, click here. (link to emailing applicants article)

Edit Brand Assets

There are three things that can be edited:

  • Brand logo
  • Button colour
  • Header colour

These three customizable fields help configure the job board to take on your company’s branding. The customizable sections of the job board are as follows:

Header Logo: Appears on the top left corner of the page and can be selected from a file on your computer. It is recommended to upload an image with the following resolution: (fill this in pls)

Page Header: The top section of the page with your logo and company name. Controlled by the “Header Colour” input.

Page Buttons: The links that redirect applicants to a job posting’s page (the job posting title and the “Learn More” button). Controlled by the “Button Colour” input.

Once your edits to these fields are saved, the job board will automatically update to reflect them.

Edit Advanced Styles

Although the brand assets inputs provide a solid foundation for customizing the job board to your desired style, you may wish to make more specific adjustments. For this purpose, the custom css feature is made available.

This feature requires a solid knowledge of HTML + CSS and it is recommended that your team leverages any technical resources available to support in the setup.

There are two options available to define the source CSS - a hosted stylesheet and a direct input - which can be used exclusively or simultaneously.

The direct CSS input can be written as it would in a .css file. By inspecting the job board page, you can identify the appropriate selectors and apply the desired styling to the elements of your interest.