Email Automation

Email Automation lets you set up automated emails to be sent on funnel stages. This saves you time and lets you send the same email. 

When an Applicant is brought into that funnel stage, Recruiters can automatically send the email to that user.

Setting up an Automated Email

Click on the meatball (three dots) found in the upper right hand corner of a funnel stage. From here, select the option “Add Email Automation”. This will take you to a screen where you can now set up an automated email.

Setting up an email is fairly straightforward (see the Email Basics section for more details). There are two options to select from when you finish creating your automated email:

  1. Save
  2. Save and Send

Saving applies the email to your funnel stage while “Save and Send” does the same, but it also sends an email to every Applicant who is currently in your funnel stage.

Sending an Automated Email

Once the email is set up on the Funnel stage, there will be an icon that reads “auto-email” next to the stage name. 

Now, when an Applicant is transferred to a funnel stage, users will get the following pop-up. They can either send the email that is sent for that funnel stage to the user or they can skip the email.


Edit Email Automation

To edit an email automation, simply click on the meatball (three dots) in the top right hand corner of the funnel stage. This will enter you into Edit mode, where you must then save any changes you’re making to the email automation.

Remove Email Automation

If you’d like to remove email automation altogether, click the edit button and then click the “Remove” button.