Create Job Posting

The recruitment module revolves around job postings which allow you to receive applicants and organize their interview process. A job posting externally displays all the information about the opening in your team and internally allows you to manage key activities required during an interview process.

At the top of your funnel, Humi provides you with features aimed at easing the workload related to sorting through masses of applications (see additional questions, archiving questions, and autoscoring keywords). The interview process itself is also supported using job funnels and applicant emailing tool.

Most of these features are configurable during the job posting creation process which we will describe in detail below.

Before getting started, it is important to note that only admins have access to creating job posts; if you wish to give an employee access, you must create a custom role that has access to the recruiting module as well as managing job posts. Additionally, the employee will only be able to view a job post if they are part of the hiring team or if they created it. For further information on how to add a custom role and selecting a hiring team, refer to the sub-section of this article titled “Hiring Team” underneath the heading “Add Basic Information”.

You are not able to edit the documents that are required for a job posting; only the resume and cover letter are asked for when applying through the job board (only the resume is required for Indeed). When you are manually adding an applicant to a job posting, you can only upload the resume and cover letter.

When creating a job post, it is important to finalize all information regarding the job post before constructing it within Humi. Although the details and configuration of a job posting can be edited after it is created, previous applicants will not be notified of the changes or be required to input new information if new questions have been added.

Basic Information

In order to create a job posting, you must navigate to the "Job Postings" tab within the recruiting module and click on the "+" button in the bottom right corner of the screen. The first thing that is asked for is the basic information regarding the job post.

There are four inputs that exist:

  • Job Title (required)
  • Job Type
  • Category (required)
  • Hiring Team

This information can be edited at any time.

Job Title

This will be the name that the job post has within the directory and on the job board. You will be able to use the search bar to locate the job post by entering this title.

Job Type

There are five options for describing the job type:

  • Full-time
  • Part-time
  • Contract
  • Internship
  • Volunteer

The job type can be found on the directory page, the information page of the job post, and the job board. It is purely for display purposes and does not impact the hiring/recruiting process.


The job post’s department can be entered in this field. This will create a heading on the job board page which the job post will be under. If you wish to place separate roles underneath the same category, type in the same wording within the category field.


Hiring Team

Selecting the hiring team dictates which members of your organization have access to the data collected in the job posting. Candidates will not be able to see the hiring team on the job board page.


If you would like to make someone part of the hiring team who does not have admin access, you must create a custom role that has access to the following features:

  • Recruiting module
  • Managing job postings
  • Managing applicants

You will only be able to see a job posting if you are part of the hiring team, unless you have admin access (then you will be able to see all postings).

Job Information

There are eight inputs that exist:

  • City (required)
  • Province/State (required)
  • Country (required)
  • Compensation
  • Introduction (required)
  • Company Description (required)
  • Position Overview (required)
  • Required Skills (required)

All of this information will be visible on the job board to potential applicants.

Company Description

In this section you will enter a brief description of the company. Useful information could include the company’s mission, vision, values, what product/service the company provides, etc.

Position Overview

This section typically includes an overview of the role as well as a detailed list of responsibilities.

Required Skills

This section informs potential applicants of the specific skills required to succeed in the job. The required skills detailed here are only used to display information to applicants, they do not act as a filter for applicants; if you would like to make a filter based on skills, use autoscoring keywords (for more information on autoscoring keywords, scroll further down in this article).

Additional & Archiving Applicant Questions

These questions will only be found during the application process on the job board.

Additional Questions

In case you would like to gather information regarding your applicants that is not typically contained in resumes, you have the option to include additional questions to the application process.

Each job post has default questions; refer to the visual below for the list of default questions. You cannot change or delete these questions.

There is an option to make an additional question required for the application. If you toggle this on, applicants will not be able to complete the application without answering this question.

You cannot filter applicants based on the answers to these questions. If you wish to filter applicants based on their answers to questions within the application process, use auto archiving questions.

Archiving Questions

Auto archiving questions offer an easy and efficient way to filter applicants for the job post the moment they apply. Make sure the questions are designed in a “yes/no” format; if the applicant answers “no” to an auto archiving question, they will automatically be archived within the Humi system. This means that their application will still be processed but they will not appear within the funnel for the job post they applied for. If an applicant has been archived as a result of an auto archiving question, you will still be able to edit their information.

In order to view only archived applicants within the applicant directory, you must navigate to the “Applicants” tab and toggle on the “Archived” status.

Autoscoring Keywords

Autoscoring keywords can be used to sort through applicants by using the content of their resumes. If an applicant has the skills you entered present within their resumes, matching keywords will be shown when sorting new applicants; this will help generate a rating out of five stars based on the amount of keywords that match. You can still manually change the rating of an applicant who has been rated based on an autoscoring keyword.