Module Overview

Humi's performance module is built to allow for an easy to use implementation of today's best performance management practices. This module gives access to 3 forms of feedback collection:

  1. Performance Reviews: Scheduled feedback using a review template that can be assigned to any member of your team as a reviewer (ex: reviewee's manager, coworker, direct reports, etc.)
  2. Goals: Recurring or ad-hoc performance targets given to one or more employees.
  3. Feedback: Ad-hoc feedback which can be given by all members of your organization.

Although goals and feedback can be powerful performance management tools on their own, they are also integrated into performance reviews. Feedback and goals that were given during the performance review period can be set to be displayed during the performance review so you get a full picture into an employee's performance during that timeframe.

The structure of the Performance module can be seen below:

As is displayed above, performance reviews are built using review templates which offer a pre-defined question structure that can be reused across various reviews. To get started on creating your first review, dive into review templates. For specifics about the module, explore the structure of reviews, goals, and feedback outlined in their sections.