Terminate, Rehire, Delete Employee

In each employee's profile, you have the options to terminate, delete, and rehire the employee.

Terminating an employee

The button to terminate or delete an employee can only be accessed by Admins, and custom roles that are given that access as well.

Once you start the process, you will forced to choose a termination type. The list here corresponds to the Service Canada Reasons for Termination and will directly affect the employee's ROE. Please review carefully and choose the option that most closely resembles the termination type.

You will also be asked to pick the last day of work. This is important, because after the last day of work, the employee will lose access to Humi. If you have payroll on Humi, make sure that the employee downloads any paystubs they want on their account before that date.

Termination date also affects payroll in the sense that they will be removed from payroll after their last day of work. It is important to note that an employee that has their last day of work in the middle of a pay-period will have a prorated salary for that pay-period, and then the pay-period after that, they will be removed from payroll.

After you terminate an employee on payroll a prompt to complete an ROE will appear:

The second section here is choosing Offboarding reminders. You will be able to pick from a list of the ones that you have already made, so make sure to pick the appropriate reminders. Once you complete the termination, the reminders will be active, triggering to send out emails based upon the timelines that have been set.

If an employee is terminated and you want to find their profile, go to People > Directory > Filter for Status and check off Terminated. This is important to note because terminated employees are not part of the default filter, and you may want to rehire them in the future.

Rehiring an employee

To rehire an employee, Filter for them in People, go into their profile, and go to the same dots where you terminated them in the top right corner.

When rehiring, it is assumed that you are rehiring them on that day, so as soon as you click the rehire button, they will be rehired.

You will see this rehire reflected in the Journey. You will also see this rehire reflected in the salary.

What Humi is doing is taking the old salary that you had and creating a duplicate of it to say, 'we are going to start your 'new salary' on the day that you were rehired'.

Deleting an employee

You can delete an employee at any time, whether they are active, terminated or even in onboarding.

The most important thing to remember about deleting an employee is that all the information in attached to their account will be deleted, and there is no way to get it back, so please read the warnings that will pop up when you go to delete an employee.

It is important to note that if an employee gets deleted then any reviews the employee created, were the subject of, and all their answers to reviews where they were a participant gets deleted from Humi too.