Onboarding Tasks

Onboarding tasks allow you to keep track of items that need to be completed when someone is hired at your company. A good first impression with new hires goes a long way and onboarding tasks can really help stay on top of that first impression.

Delegate tasks to the new hire, their manager or any person in the company to ensure a smooth onboarding experience. Manage outstanding tasks by sending out reminders to assignees.

Create Onboarding task templates

Onboarding tasks templates are created and managed under the "Onboarding" tab in "People". This is where you can create tasks that are copied to corresponding employee profiles. In order to create an onboarding task, click on the "Create Task" button in the upper right corner.

Tasks are composed of the following fields:

  • Name & Description of the task
  • Assigned to: This is who is responsible for the completion of the task. Select New Hire, Manager, or a specific person in the company.
  • Due date: Select either no due date, on hire date, or a custom date relative to the hire date
  • Required for: setup this task for all employees or a filtered set of employees (refer to task filter criteria below)

*If a tasks is assigned to new hire, you will see an option to require the new hire to upload a PDF to complete the task.

Filter tasks with criteria matching

Criteria filters can be put in place for tasks that need to be completed by certain groups of employees rather than all employees. These allow you to identify a specific group of employees that should be associated with the task you are creating.

Criteria filter categories include Department, Office, Employee Status, Job Title. If an employee matches the criteria you have selected, these will be marked as "applicable" when applying tasks to an employees profile.

Applying tasks to employee profile

Once your tasks templates are set up, you can start applying these to the employee profile under the "Onboarding" tab by clicking "Apply Tasks". You will see a view of all task templates sorted according to the matching criteria, with any applicable tasks pre-selected.

If you would like to create a one-off task that is only relevant to the individual employee, select "Create New Task". This task will only be saved onto the current employee's profile and can not be copied.

Notifications & Reminders

Automatic email notifications will be sent out the assignees of each task as soon as a task is applied to an employee's profile. Email reminders are sent out to assignees 5 days prior to due date, on due date, and 3 days after due date for incomplete tasks.

Reminders can be set out at any time by an admin or manager on outstanding tasks by clicking "Remind" in 3 dots icon menu on either the employee profile or their Home dashboard.

Keep track of all tasks

Admins can view all outstanding tasks for all employees by going to the task dashboard on the Home page. You can find tasks next to notifications. Toggle between 'company' and 'myself' and switch between "complete" or "incomplete" for each filtered view.\

Employees can also view their assigned tasks from the Home dashboard.

Completing Tasks

Tasks can be marked as complete by clicking the checkbox next to the item on either the employee profile 'Onboarding' tab (as admins or managers) or on the the tasks dashboard (as admins, managers, or employees). Once a task is marked as complete, it will be placed at the bottom of the checklist on the employee profile or the "Complete" tab on the Tasks dashboard along with a record of who completed the task and when it was completed.