Onboarding Settings

Onboarding settings allows for control over what new employees will have to input, messages they will see, and information they will give.

Section one is labelled as General Settings, and controls two items. Both items ask whether you want to make banking information required for all employees. This means that any employee going through Onboarding will be forced to input their banking information before they can become active.

Section two is labelled as the Default Welcome Message, and controls what message the employee will see when they go through Onboarding. Common examples of welcome messages include welcoming the employee to your company, as well as explaining what they will be doing within Humi.

Section three is labelled as New Hire Questions. New Hire Questions are meant to be fun icebreaker-type questions that a new employee will have the choice of answering. These are chosen to be added when hiring a new employee in the 4th part of hiring an employee, which is the Review section. After a new hire answer these questions, an email introducing that employee to the company will be sent out on the day that employee starts, with the answers to those questions showing up on that email as well.