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Humi Payroll offers a variety of essential payroll records, such as historical payrolls, Tax Forms, ROEs, as well as YTD payroll data imported during onboarding. Depending on whether live payrolls have already been processed through Humi Payroll, some of these pages may become view-only, or are only possible to be edited in particular circumstances. This guide will briefly explore each type of payroll record.


This page provides historical records of recurring and off-cycle payrolls that are processed through Humi. Payrolls that are shown on this page are view-only and can no longer be modified. If you notice an error in one of the payrolls, please contact immediately.

Learn more about recurring and off-cycle payrolls here.

Tax Forms

Generally, if an employer has paid its employees throughout the tax year, it is legally responsible for preparing and issuing T4s to the employees at the end of the tax year. Humi Payroll streamlines the process by automatically preparing the T4, T619, and T4 Summary records once the last payroll of the year has been processed.

Please note, Humi does not handle submission of these files on your behalf. Employer is responsible for downloading the tax documents from Humi Payroll and filing through the CRA website.

Learn more about tax forms here.


Records of employment is a Service Canada form that must be completed by employer when an interruption of insurable earnings occurs for an employee. On this page, you can view ROEs created for employees. Please note ROEs listed are not finalized copies.

Learn more about ROEs here.

Onboarding YTDs

This section is used during initial payroll implementation, specifically for companies that are onboarding to Humi during the year and with historical year-to-date (YTD) earnings and deductions to import.

The YTDs are the numbers prior to the first payroll run in Humi. At year end the YTD records as well as all payrolls processed through Humi will be used to produce T4s for active and terminated employees. Once the first payroll has been processed, the YTD records become view-only, as they will affect the YTD figures in subsequent payrolls thus should no longer be modifiable, and will eventually zero out for the following tax year.

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