Records of Employment (ROE)

A Record of Employment (ROE) provides information on employment history and is the document used by employees to apply for Employment Insurance (EI) benefits. Whenever there is an interruption to an employee’s insurable earnings, the employer must issue an ROE within five calendar days.

As the EI claims eligibility and their payments are dependent on ROE, all earnings and hours must be recorded as accurately as possible.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to generate and sumit an ROE file.

Please note that ROEs listed in Humi are not finalized copies. They must be submitted to Service Canada. When they are submitted/ uploaded to Web ROE (Service Canada's portal) and a serial number is issued they are final. Humi can submit ROEs to Service Canada on your behalf directly through your account.

This guide will cover the steps from creating to submitting ROEs:

  • Issue ROE
  • Review ROE
  • Edit ROE
  • Submit ROE

Issue ROE

For the “Issue ROE” option to appear on an employee account, the employee must first be terminated. It is also highly recommended that their final earnings are processed first, before issuing an ROE. Learn more about terminating employees here.

  1. Navigate to the terminated employee’s profile
  2. Click on the menu icon on the top right, then click on the Issue ROE option

Review ROE

Once an ROE has been issued, it will become available for review as a type of payroll record.

  1. Navigate to the Payroll page by clicking Payroll from the menu column
  2. Navigate to the ROEs page by clicking on the Records tab, then on the ROEs option
  3. Click on the ROE that needs to be reviewed

When a ROE is created, Humi Payroll automatically pre-fills it with all applicable payroll data. However, it is highly recommended that payroll administrators review the information in the ROE to ensure they are complete and accurate. Some areas to look out for in particular are ROE’s dates, as well as insurable hours and earnings.

Edit ROE

If an adjustment needs to be made within the ROE, it is possible to manually modify its information.

  1. On the ROE page, click on the menu icon on the top right, then click on the Edit option
  1. Go through the ROE and fill out the missing items or modify existing values. Some items cannot be empty, and if not filled in will cause error in submission
  1. Click Save when finished

Submit ROE

Option 1) Humi is authorized to submit on your behalf

If during onboarding you have given Humi the authorization to submit ROEs on your behalf, Humi will automatically process the submission request.

If you would like Humi to submit ROE on your behalf, please contact our support centre to request for an ROE authorization form. The form will be sent to your company’s signing officer. Once this is completed, approval request will be sent to Service Canada. Unless the authorization is denied or otherwise specified, the ROE authorization turnaround time typically range from 1 - 20 business days. Once it is ready Humi will inform you directly and enable the “Submit ROE” option in the payroll account.

  1. On ROE page, click on the Submit ROE option on the top right

The turnaround time for Submitting an ROE is usually within 24 hours.

If a submitted ROE needs amendment, please contact, provide the employee ROE and the fields that needs to be amended to.

Option 2) Humi is not authorized to submit on your behalf; Submit ROE on ROE Web

If you wish to submit the ROE on your own, first the ROE must be downloaded from Humi Payroll, then uploaded to the CRA’s service, Web ROE.

  1. Download the ROE by clicking on the menu icon on top right, then click the Download option. This will start the download process for a XML file that contains the ROE information
  2. Log into Web ROE, go to the ROE main page and upload through the web service. For additional assistance, contact the Employer Contact Centre