All of Humi Payroll’s essential functionalities are conveniently located within the Payroll module. The module is divided into five major sections:

  • Run Payroll, with a list of currently active payrolls that you can click into in order to edit, review and process payment for the payroll
  • Records, with payroll records such as historical payrolls, tax forms, ROEs, and YTD information imported during onboarding
  • Benefits, to manage various types of benefits offered to employees
  • Income Types, to manage additional cash-based income types offered to employees
  • Settings, to manage company settings such as paystub notification emails and wage subsidy eligibility status

Types of Payrolls

Humi Payroll offers a lot of streamlined features to meet your payroll needs. In order to manage payrolls effectively, it is important to first understand the distinction between the two main types of payroll available - Recurring and Off-Cycle payrolls.

Recurring payrolls are considered the default form of payrolls, and are responsible for earnings and deductions that fall into recurring payroll periods such as weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. The recurring periods are based on a schedule frequency that is set up at the time of onboarding. These payrolls are automatically prepared at the start of a payroll period.

Off-Cycle payrolls are special one-off payrolls that do not follow any particular schedules, and are generally used to cover special cases such as paying employees who fall outside of the regular recurring payroll schedule, or to create one-off payments for terminated employees.