Manage Settings

The Payroll Settings page is where you will be able to manage your payroll-specific settings, namely:

  • Paystub notifications
  • Covid 19 Wage Subsidy eligibility status
  • Current pay schedule configuration

Paystub Notifications

Whenever a payroll is run and paid, a paystub is created for each employee that is paid within that payroll period. In addition to the viewable paystub records provided in the application, Humi also provides email notifications to your employees. Here you have the option to toggle the notifications On or Off.

Covid-19 Wage Subsidy

If your company is eligible for the 10% Canada Temporary Wage Subsidy, this is where you can toggle the eligibility status. Note that this subsidy is not the same as the 75% Canada Emergency Subsidy.

Once this setting is toggled, Humi will keep track of the total payroll obligations paid within the subsidy policy’s effective period (Mar 18, 2020 to Jun 19th, 2020) and automatically calculate the subsidy claim every time an applicable payroll is run. Once processed, the claimed subsidy amount will be credited to your bank account.

Important notes

If your company is eligible for the subsidy but did not claim any during the policy’s effective period, it is possible to process retroactive claims. In this case, it depends on whether the payrolls within the policy’s effective period were originally processed through Humi. If so, Humi will automatically apply the leftover claims toward future payrolls. Otherwise, the CRA will pay the amount back to you at year end.

Find out how the 10% wage subsidy interacts with the 75% wage subsidy here.

Pay Schedule Configuration

Here you can view your company’s pay schedule configuration that was set up at the time of onboarding with Humi.

Payroll start date

Pay date for the first payroll run through Humi, most commonly a dry-run payroll.


The set schedule of how often you are paying your employees. The options available through Humi include Monthly, Semi-monthly, Weekly, Bi-Weekly.

Day of the week

The chosen day by which your employees are paid their salary. This is only applicable to week-based frequencies, namely weekly and bi-weekly schedules. The pay dates range from Monday to Friday, as the majority of financial institutions do not process payments on weekends.

Days of the month

This is only applicable month-based pay frequencies. If paying by a semi-monthly schedule the common options are the 1st & 15th, or 16th and last day. of the month. For monthly schedule the common options are the 1st, 15th, or last day of the month.

Days in arrears

This refers to the number of days between the period ending date and pay date. For example, if you have a period ending date of July 17 and a pay date of July 17 the days in arrears is 0.

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