Edit Payroll YTD’s

Onboarding YTDs

When onboarding with Humi, the year-to-date (YTD) information from your previous payroll provider is entered here, which is generally referred to as the Onboarding YTD. This is not to be confused with ongoing YTD amounts that are accumulated as each payroll is run, which are made available in the YTD report.

Having the Onboarding YTD information enables Humi Payroll to accurately calculate taxes for the remainder of the year and prepare T4s at year end. During the payroll implementation processing, the Humi support team will let you know which periods the Onboarding YTD should cover.

Things to know before starting

  • The data should come directly from your payroll register or a YTD report.
  • Employee’s should already be added to payroll
  • Employee income types and benefits should be set up prior
  1. Navigate to the Payroll page by clicking Payroll from the menu column
  2. Navigate to the YTDs page by clicking on the Records tab, then on the YTDs option
  3. (Optional) Click the Open fullscreen option on the top right to expand the table

Understanding the Onboarding YTD table

The columns cover payroll entries from three categories: Earnings, Deductions, and Benefits, whereas the rows represent employees who have been paid within this tax year. Each applicable cell should contain the sum of the amounts for that entry type from the beginning of the year, up to the last payroll before the dry-run with Humi Payroll.

Here you can copy and paste information from your payroll register or YTD report into appropriate columns for each employee.

If there are benefits that are expected to be part of this table but are not showing up, chances are they have not been set up on Humi Payroll. If benefit columns are showing up but the individual cells are greyed out, that means the employees have not been assigned to the benefit. Learn more about setting up benefits here.

Once all changes are made and verified to be accurate, no further actions are required. The amounts will automatically be taken into account as part of the ongoing YTD amounts for each payroll going forward, as well as included in the YTD report.

The amounts on this table will remain editable until the first payroll is processed through Humi Payroll. Afterward, the information here becomes locked-in and cannot be edited further. If you notice an error at this stage, please contact immediately.